‘Life Imitating Art’ is the sophomore offering from guitar virtuoso, Jacky Vincent. Vincent brought along some friends for this album, including bassists Skyler Accord of Issues, and Greg Cash of Josh Todd And The Conflict as well as drummers Dylan Howard and Aaron Stechauner of Rings Of Saturn.

If you’re a fan of having your face melted completely off, then this is definitely the album for you. Awakener is track one and while it starts off with a solid 30 seconds of electronic sounds, the guitar and drums come in and intermingle perfectly with the industrial sounds that kick the track off. It’s five-and-a-half minutes of guitar, drums and electronica that’s in your face, and sets the tone for the rest of the album and finishes with piano. Nowhere To Look But Inside and Soul Shines Through come next and while they are a lot less electronica heavy than the opener track, the same incorporation of machine created sounds and impressive instrumental work. There are no lyrics on the album at all so you have to let the music take you on the journey on its own. Bands like Pendulum and Dream Theatre come to mind in terms of the instrumental side of the album but Jacky is also in a world of his own and shows his incredible guitar skills on each track.

Rain is next and it starts off with a beautiful acoustic guitar piece before it’s joined with electric guitar and bass. Skyler Accord is also a very talented player and while Jacky’s skill is the main focus and talent on the record, Accord gets to show off his playability as well. Next comes The Street Is My Race Track which starts off with the revving of a motorbike engine, before the instruments come in and take you on a journey. This is the sort of song you want to play in your car while you’re road tripping. There’s some gorgeous guitar passages, soaring basslines, and stunning instrumentals woven into this one and it’s all sorts of emotional.

Track six is To The City and it’s one of the shortest tracks on the album at just over two minutes in length and it’s the slower songs on the record. While the first five tracks are face-melting and fast, this one is slow and calm. Your face is still going to be melted off in To The City but more likely by the tears that you cry as you listen to this beautiful and emotive piece. It’s a lot more stripped back than the first five tracks on the album as well with no industrial sounds, just Vincent, Accord and Howard with their instruments.

While it is incredibly hard to pick a stand-out track on the record as each song shines for its own reasons, a highlight is Jacko’s Modern Life. It’s the shortest track on the album at only one minute and five seconds, but it’s one minute and five seconds of Vincent absolutely shredding! It’s mostly just guitar on the track, with a little bit of drums working as an undertone but it’s all it really needs. Vincent lays it all bare on the track and shreds and shreds and shreds, for the entirety of the tracks run time. There is a reason Vincent is referred to as a virtuoso, and this is a perfect example of that.

If you are a fan of the technical things that come with playing guitar, whether it be picking, sweep picking, or shredding, you are going to really enjoy this album. If you’re a music lover who enjoys being impressed from start to finish of a record by the instruments, then you’re really going to enjoy this album. Vincent has put together eleven face-melting tracks of in-your-face power chords and ridiculous shredding. The music will take you on a journey that you might not be ready for at the beginning, but that you’ll be glad you took by the end.

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