Thrash Metal may easily be one of the worlds most recognized genre of metal; spawning bands such as Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, S.O.D, Municipal Waste and many, many more, it’s obvious that the genre has pushed the aggression and anger fueled dint into the music industry as we know it today. Thrash Metal and Death Metal are two genre’s that go hand in hand, both giving off an untold vibe of hatred, anger and violence, which adds emotion in ways that are very unusual to the mainstream media.

Bands like Siege of Power are very rare to come across in today’s day and age. Bands will spend a year or more writing a record, sometimes even taking as much as 11 years (see Monstrosity), but the Thrash/Death Metal quartet’s debut offering, Warning Blast, was written and recorded in a matter of HOURS. That took me a lot longer than a couple of seconds to process while listening to the record for the first time, especially because of the fact that the album has 18 tracks(!) with 2 bonus tracks, as it’s such a refined, well written and clean album for it to have been written in hours. Taking all of this into consideration on the second listen of Warning Blast, I was pleasantly surprised at the stupidly raw talent of the worldwide supergroup.

Beginning the album with the relentless “Conquest for What?” the multi-national supergroup waste no time in delivering an opening track that sets the tone for the rest of the album almost perfectly, foreshadowing what’s to come in the other 17 tracks. Guitarist Paul Baayans (Asphyx) displays his love for old school thrash while producing riffs that will make your head explode and could possibly leave you in hospital with a broken neck. Joined together with bassist Theo Van Eekelen (ex-Hail of Bullets) and drummer Bob Bagchus (ex-Asphyx), it’s noticeable immediately that the three instrumentalists have an immense amount of chemistry that allows them to deliver a raw product of brutality.

Keeping up with the speed of the first track, “For the Pain”, “Bulldozing Skulls” and “Born into Hate” maintain the ferocity and power that’s been set by “Conquest for What?” and after less than 7 minutes you’ve realized you’ve just shot through four tracks that will leave you with your jaw dropped. Continuing with “Torture Lab”, Baayans shows off his songwriting skills on the guitar with powerful harmonies of octave chords and guitar riffs that will leave you begging for more. Vocalist Chris Reifert (Autopsy) utilizes his built up anger, hatred and belligerence with straight forward lyricism, belting out random screams that reminisce the idea of pain, as well as singing lines such as “Every day I get a little more insane, feeling like a psycho in the eye of a hurricane”.

The track that caught my ear almost instantly was the 14th track on Warning Blast, “Priviledged Prick”. The sheer antagonism, hostility and resentment that is projected by each member, telling a story through all instrumentals, rather than just the lyrical content. Reifert, Bagchus, Van Eekelen and Baayans all work together and provide a chemistry that is very rarely unheard of, producing literally one of the most pissed off songs I’ve ever heard. Directed at middle/upper class people (possibly an old friend of theirs), with lyrics such as “You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth/I want to shove it down your goddamn, sleezing f**king throat”, it just really doesn’t get more unforgiving and ruthless than that.

The debut offering, Warning Blast by Siege of Power delivers a few fantastic tracks of consistent, angry and pissed off metal, showcasing the talent of the members’ on the spot song writing style and immense expertise. Known in the underground death metal scene as the newest supergroup, this is THE thrash band of our generation; relentless, angry and pure violence.