Tasmania/Melbourne based local Death Metal band Zeolite have recently been making waves in the local music scene, with their recently announced tour supporting the Death Metal icons in The Black Dahlia Murder and Aborted.

After releasing their sophomore EP Sermones Mortis earlier this year, the band has already done many tours with bands such as Hollow World, Ame Noire, Xenobiotic and heaps more, but none of such a calibre as their upcoming tour package. “We obviously got confirmed ages before the announcement and it honestly took a month before I mentally accepted the fact that we were on the tour,” notes Mainwaring as he delves into his utter excitement. “The for the next month it was this constant rotation of excitement and fear “holy shit, we’re on this tour!” to “holy shit, we have to play before these incredibly tight bands”.

With being such a young band, forming only in 2014, the band has gone through many different hardships, while persevering and pushing through the negativity. “I think at times it has been really difficult, but of course anything that is easy isn’t worth doing,” Haas notes. “I think that a lot of the challenges we’ve had to face thus far have made us better musicians for sure, especially in terms of our drummer situation.”

After having a revolving door of drummers (most notably Raymond Martin, Kristian Evangelistis and Eli Kalaizakis), whilst not having a permanent member for more than 2 years is definitely one of the band’s greatest challenges, and would be for any band, yet the Zeolite boys have managed to pull through, and through their hard work, have secured a tour of a lifetime.

“Aborted are probably my favorite Death Metal band of all time. TBDM are up there too. You look at what these guys are doing musically and touring wise – it’s insane. It hard not to respect that even if you don’t live and breathe DM,”

Zeolite’s also one of the only Death Metal bands, whether it be in Australia or the world, that delve into their personal feelings and emotions whilst writing. Their latest release, Semones Mortis, loosely translating to “conversations of death”, were written in a time of grief for vocalist Mainwaring. “I had multiple family members pass away in the duration of writing the EP and ended up cutting myself off from friends and family.”

Turning grief and sadness into an outlet, whether it be musical or the like, is one of the most difficult, but rewarding tasks a person can endure. Digging deeper into those feelings, Mainwaring explains the titles and song meanings behind each individual track on the album. “Malignant is only short, but written about my uncles struggle with cancer. Repudiation explores the internal struggle with depression.” Mainwaring describes. “Reticent means not revealing one’s thoughts or feelings readily, hence being an instrumental. Ruination talks about the removal of peoples’ right to die. Plutocracy looks at why some people consider themselves so entitled and important when their existence on this world is so fleeting.”

Being a band where more than half of the members are from different states (Melbourne; Patrick Haas, Grant McGuinness, Tasmania; Fraser Mainwaring, Brisbane; Eli Kalaizakis), is definitely a task at hand that requires an incredible amount of pre-planning, and tough organizational skills. Whilst speaking to Haas on this idea, he explains that ‘ plan in the regard that every set we play on tour will be exactly the same. We all play to clicks (Frosty aside) and basically the whole set is automated, and 100% the same every night.”

Luckily, all the members in Zeolite are passionate and devoted to the art, or else it wouldn’t work out. “We try to keep everyone in the loop where necessary. All the members are pretty devoted, so if we have to skip out on a date, it’s not for no reason.”

Speaking on the upcoming tour, Mainwaring and Haas explain which shows they’re most excited for and why, stating that “I’ve never played Max Watts before and Melbourne crowds always bring the goods. But Brisbane is where the tour finishes, Disentomb are on the show and it’s at Crowbar, one of Australia’s best metal venues.”

It seems that Haas is definitely most excited for the Brisbane show as well. “I love playing the Crowbar, their beer is sick, we have a lot of good friends in Brisbane,” whilst continuing that all the band members are able to get a little “loose” since it’s the last show on the tour.

I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that Zeolite will be able to show the Aborted and The Black Dahlia Murder boys how talented, professional and committed many bands such as themselves in the Australian local scene really are.