Track Premiere: THE HERETICS FORK Will Leave You Diminished Unto Lunacy

The mighty Toilet ov Hell has premiered a new song from THE HERETICS FORK‘s forthcoming album ‘Tormentore’ (October 31 on P2 Records). Get brutal below!

Stream Diminished Unto Lunacy:

From the darkest reaches of the abyss comes THE HERETICS FORK. Cloaked in enigma, this is a band that operates under strict conditions of anonymity; preferring to let their warped, yet intense brand of brutal death metal stand on its own.

The band’s debut recording – ‘Tormentore’ – features eight tracks of guttural, cavernous vocals, subsonic riffing and insane blast beats. Faces will melt, and bones will be crushed to dust under the weight of this hell-spawned and demented beast.

Little is known about THE HERETICS FORK, but the threat is real. Very real. And it’s coming. You have been warned.

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“Impossibly downtrend riffs, inhumanly guttural vocals, and wall-to-wall blast beats. In other words, some seriously sick shit.”
– Indy Metal Vault

“There’s something especially fetid about The Heretics Fork’s approach to brutality. There’s an element X, some kind of rat stuck in the plumbing, that makes all of the album engrossing and addicting in a discomforting, shameful way.”
– Toilet ov Hell