Words: Beth Rutschman

Photos: Beth Rutschman

Phoenix based rock band Blessthefall made a stop at Delmar Hall in St Louis Missouri on Tuesday night! The band are currently on the last leg of their Hard Feelings Tour. The tour started off in Albuquerque, New Mexico during the beginning of September and will run through October 6th, making their homestate of Phoenix Arizona their last stop. Blessthefall have been touring with their Phoenix mates in The Word Alive, and DED, Along with Thousand Below and A War Within. All to which put on an amazing show at Delmar Hall!

Blessthefall consists of band members Beau Bokan on vocals, Eric Lambert on guitar/vocals, Jared Warth on bass/vocals, Matt Traynor on drums, and Elliot Gruenberg on guitar. The Hard Feelings Tour will be the last run with the band for drummer Matt Traynor. Traynor announced via the band’s social media pages back in August that he will be leaving the band. Traynor has been with the band since the origin, and he says that his departure will be bittersweet.



Blessthefall went full throttle during their set in St Louis. They are just as energetic and sending out positive vibes during every show. Tuesday’s show was no exception! They came out hitting the stage hard with such songs as: Hollow Bodies, Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad/Higinia, Sleepless in Phoenix, and You Wear A Crown But You’re No King.

Vocalist, Beau Bokan continously sprayed water on the crowd, which added to the mayhem of the crowd. Beau was also very interactive with the crowd by stepping off stage onto the railing to be closer to his fans. Fist bumping, holding hands, and singing in their faces further ignited fan participation. The audience participated in the usual expectations that are bestowed upon them, moshing, headbanging, horns in the air, dancing, and just having a banging time!

During the closing of the night the band stepped forward on stage and each guitarist had a leg up on another at each end of the stage while they performed. With the lighting, it looked amazing and it was the first time that I had personally seen a band do it. The band ended the night with an encore of their hit, Hey Baby, Here’s That Song You Wanted.