Philadelphia pop-punk outfit, The Wonder Years, will be gracing us with their presence this summer when they head down to Australia’s East Coast for Good Things Festival. Playing three days in three cities, that band’s company is sure to be felt by the state capitals, and all festival attendees should be prepared for the killer performance that these guys will be bringing down with them.

For starters, lead vocalist Dan ‘Soupy’ Campbell wants to assure fans that they are particularly looking forward to one aspect of their visit downunder, and have something very special planned for their Australian audiences. He states, “I know what it is. I don’t know if I’m allowed to tell you what it is”, so to all Wonder Years fans, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for details!

In terms of what we can expect from their live show at Good Things, Soupy has stated that expectations for what they can offer can change depending on what they can give, however they will always strive to give it their all during a performance no matter what. “The thing that I always say is, what you can expect from us every time we get on stage, no matter what show it is, no matter the venue, no matter the capacity, you will get everything we have that day. It depends on how we’re feeling. We’ve toured Australia before with Parkway Drive, where I fucked up my voice and could barely sing, but I went on stage and gave it everything we had that day. That’s the goal every day we walk on stage, no matter what the situation, you’re gonna get everything we have.”

The Wonder Years are no strangers to Australian festival crowds, having already played their fair share of festivals in the country. Soupy expresses that one of his favourite things about Australian festival crowds, is the camaraderie displayed in the pit. “I’ve watched from the stage a couple of times and seen people in the crowd taking care of one another, caring for the person next to them, makes me feel really good on stage to know that I’m playing for a group of people that value the people around them. I saw someone inadvertently get kicked in the face and immediately everyone tended to them. I saw someone getting poorly treated by a security guard and then everyone around that person sticking up for them, getting our attention. I’ve been impressed by the sea of different people that don’t know each other that are there because they love the same kind of music, and have the thoughtfulness sand empathy to care about the people next to them. I love playing for that.”

Although heading down to Australia may seem like a holiday for many, Soupy stresses that his priority is work, and making sure that they deliver the best live performance they can to their audiences. “Step one is the performance. We understand that you work hard for the money that you have and we feel lucky to be something that you choose to spend that money on. You have all the choices in the world for entertainment, and you’re choosing to come watch us perform music for you. We wanna make sure that the show comes first, we wanna put on a great show before anything else. It’s not a vacation, we’re there for work, we’re gonna have a great time for sure but we’re concentrating on putting on a great show. That’s our focus.”

Without a doubt, The Wonder Years are incredibly grateful for their fans and everything they have allowed them to achieve. To all Wonder Years fans who are eagerly awaiting the band’s touchdown on our shores, Soupy has a special message for you. “We appreciate you. We work really, really hard at the thing that we do, we put everything we have into it. Into writing the songs, into creating the art, into playing the shows, and so it means a lot to us that you validate that by supporting it. We hope to play music for you for a long time.”