Buckinghamshire modern metal sextet As Everything Unfolds are poised to return with their brand new EP, Closure, which will be released on 19th October 2018. After racking up in excess of 55,000 YouTube views for the previously-released video single ‘17:10’ (the EP’s opening fanfare), the band are proud return with another video single, this time in the form of their insanely catchy, sing-along track ‘Despondency’!

“The perfect blend of savage riffs and throat-shredding vocals”

– Metal Hammer

“If you’re a fan of Enter Shikari, Bring Me The Horizon and Dream State…As Everything Unfolds could just be your new favourite band”

– Rockodile Reviews

On the nature of their single ‘Despondency’, frontwoman Charlie also offers the following:

“People feel despondent all the time without necessarily being aware of what that feeling really is. The single ‘Despondency’ captures the frustrations felt for someone who pushes this feeling on you, drawing you back and tying you down when all you want is to push forward.

Imagine wanting something so very badly, and the intense pain and anger felt towards a person whose actions block your path, leaving you feeling helpless and trapped. These people might one day gain your forgiveness, but you’ll never forget what they did…or let them bring you down again.

As much as I wrote this song as a testament of my own feelings, I hope people to relate to it as well. When people listen to this song, I want them to know that they’re not alone, no matter how different their situation may be from the next person.”
‘Closure’ stands as a very personal release to vocalist Charlie Rolfe, and indeed, to the whole band. Though Charlie channels thoughts on her own personal issues and life experiences in the EP’s lyrical content, the EP was written during a turning point experienced by all six members. Completing studies, changing careers and even calling an end to romances, ‘Closure’ lives up to its name as a coming-of-age statement from As Everything Unfolds…a movement away from their younger selves and a hopeful gaze toward who they hope to become.

As Charlie explains, “Overall, the EP has a lot of pent up hatred and anger. This was my closing chapter on holding onto those feelings, I’m done feeling emotions for people who no longer feel them for me, it’s time to focus on other things and ‘Closure’ is the perfect ending chapter.”