Overdrive music magazine had the chance to check out Northern Crown’s latest upcoming release ‘Northern Crown’ due out October 12, 2018. Based out of South Florida. The band bring their flavour to the DOOM table. The band consist of two members Frank Serafine, Zachary Randall while bringing in Leona Hayward and Evan Hensley. The band are known for recording and mixing their own music “but brought in the mastering talents of Tony Lindgren from Sweden’s Fascination Street Studios (Witchcraft, Enslaved, Amorphis) for the final touches.”

The guys talk about a lineup change that took place on this record. “vocalist and guitarist Frank Serafine handling drums. Weaponlord’s mighty Leona Hayward returns on bass, backing Zachary Randall‘s guitar alchemy and harsh vocals. Solos from Nightfall/Dark Hound lead shred-monster Evan Hensley punctuate the record.”

The album is the second full length for the band following on from their 2016 release ‘The Others’. You will find 8 tracks on this album, one of them is a tribute to My Dying Bride with a full cover of ‘Your River’. The band have published that the album touches on subjects that are confronting and, in their words, “Reflecting the uncertainty of the dark times we exist in at the moment, Northern Crown tackles the difficult subject of how well we really know ourselves and how that shapes what we do and become.”

So, let’s take a closer look at the album, from the first line of vocal there is no mistake that there is a love for DIO in this band. It is a punch to the face, but can you blame them? No! I don’t.

The first song titled ‘I am your slave’ goes for 7:34 and is textured though out, there is a strong drive that keeps the listener intrigued. Although I do feel the start is a little off and almost had the temptation to skip, I am glad I didn’t as the body of the song develops into an epic experience.

Throughout the album, there is an interesting composition where they build a musical experience for the audience. This album very much had a Doors element to it, and of course, you can strongly hear their influences DIO, Rainbow, Deep Purple, and Black Sabbath all the way through.

The Desert And The Wind’ was a stand out on this album. The vocals were amazing on this track as was the guitar work. The band refer to this one as a “nod to the prog-heads” This thunderous track is number 5 on the album and a must listen when it drops on October 12th.

When all is said and done this is a good album. It stays true though out, which is great when you are looking for that doom album with dirty rock elements. That said, it is not one that is endlessly-playable. It is an album that will come out when you are in the mood for it, for that reason, it has been given a 5 out of 10.

Artwork for the album was completed by prolific artist Travis Smith who has completed works for such bands as Opeth, Katatonia, and Death.

Pre-Order your copy of ‘Northern Crown’ out October 12th, HERE!