GRÁs third album “Väsen” saw the light of its release on CD format on April 27, 2018 via Carnal Records. This critically acclaimed opus from the Swedish black metal titans is out today (September 28, 2018) in vinyl format (Red Edition limited to 200 copies and Black Edition limited to 300 copies) through the same label.

GRÁ was formed in 2010 by Heljarmadr (Dark Funeral, Cursed 13, Domgård) and Dimman in Stockholm. In a time where many bands want to be compared with their idols, GRÁ walks a different path where exploration and breaking new grounds are the keystones. That is the greatest tribute to the past, to walk your own path and be a leader, not a follower of trends.

“Väsen” marks a new era for GRÁ. Free from the concept of the previous releases, GRÁ returns with an album more varied than ever and with the will to explore outside the borders of the narrow-minded so called black metal scene where most seem to have forgotten to include the part that makes it BLACK. Shepherded by the inhumane, raspy voice, the opus “Väsen” offers the co-existence of momentous harmonies and horrisonant riffs, spasmodic appearances of ghastly keyboard textures, penetrating mid-paced drumming and vein vibrating basslines. Sustaining the ethos of the classic black metal forces, the Swedish entity plumps for unworldly songwriting structures, full of vim and vigor, at the same time unadulteratedly malignant.


UK Tour Dates w/ Agrona
12/14 @ The Black Heart, London (Tickets)
12/15 @ FUEL Rock Club, Cardiff  WINTER ERADICATION 2018 (Tickets)
12/16 @ The Star and Garter, Manchester (Tickets)



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