Melbourne based Melodic Hardcore band Aburden are one of the few Australian bands that has kept me constantly engaged and intrigued through their music and their message. They are one of the only Australian bands that are truly in touch, and open about topics such as mental health, grief and accepting your vulnerabilities, and have reflected that wonderfully through their musicianship. After coming off the back of a self-released EP titled My Old Friend last year, as well as single “Face to Face”, the band is showing absolutely on signs of slowing down. With a recently announced signing to the amazing Greyscale Records, with The Last Goodbye, an emotional and exceptionally heavy (not the metal kind) piece of music that is bound to leave you a crying mess by the end of it.

The album as a whole is definitely one of the most promising sophomore EP’s I’ve encountered in recent years, and one thing I have always loved about Aburden is the way they manage to channel their own struggles, their own personal hardships, and project it into songwriting so elegantly. Between guitarist/vocalist Kyle Burrows and vocalist/pianist Mason Forster constantly sharing and juxtaposing their vocals in a manner that adds layers of emotion, and the musicianship and overall performance from members Jordan Giuliani, Kylan Riddings and Ben Dordevic, it’s safe to say that The Last Goodbye is one of the best releases to come out of Australia this year.

One thing I picked up straight away, was the similar, yet contrasting nature of the first track, “My Best Friend”, to the final track, “My Old Friend”, with the former being performed completely by vocalist Burrows (aside from Piano), and the latter being performed entirely by Forster. This helps create the storytelling aspect and brings the album to a perfect beginning and perfect finish, and I might be in a little over my head to say this, but these two tracks correlated with each other completes the album and makes it a piece of art, rather than a bunch of songs just mashed together. Performances both by Forster and Burrows hold an incredible amount of weight, and one thing that’s always made them stand out from a lot of other Melodic Hardcore bands is their inhibition to project their pain and their hurt into their vocals, giving it some soul.

While each song is essentially a different chapter to the unbelievably heartbreaking story, they each hold their own in terms of performance and atmosphere. Songs such as “Sorry” and “To the Sky” showcase Burrows’ incredible voice and the amount of pain he has inevitably gone through in his lifetime. With Forster’s vocals screaming in the background, it creates the idea that that there’s always something in the back of your mind just screaming at you, what you’ve always wanted to say and what to write, but struggling to do it.

That’s another thing that’s got me thinking about this album, is the contrast yet similarities between many of the tracks. “My Best Friend” and “My Old Friend”, “Sorry” and “To the Sky”, “Don’t Say” and “19”, and “One For You” and “Need You” all complement each other together, as essentially being part 1 and 2 of each part respectively, but it’s a very interesting tactic that is able to further develop the band’s agenda and further explain the story.

If it wasn’t for bassist Giuliani, drummer Riddings and second guitarist Dordevic, the band wouldn’t be nearly as heavy hitting as they are. The way each member tends to their own respective instrument bring forth and amplify the emotion that is portrayed through Burrows and Forster’s voice, complementing it and adding layers that create an emotional and heartbreaking atmosphere that brings together album and makes it whole.

The Last Goodbye, the upcoming release by Melbourne based Melodic Hardcore band Aburden, is one of the most emotionally heavy, heartbreaking and ambitious records to come out of Australia in a long time, nailing it in the process. If you’re looking to engage yourself with new music, exploring a new story or looking to delve into your emotions, Aburden have the perfect album for you.