Are you ready to receive the key that will unlock the door to humanity’s salvation?

Delve deeper into the cyber-punk inspired world painted by Italian prog metal outfit Shading!

The world is coming to an end on Friday 12th October.
 To join the rebellion, follow this link and see if you have what it takes:

Inspired by dystopian cyber-punk themes and films such as Blade Runner, Akira and Ghost In The Shell, Shading’s upcoming debut album ‘The Vanishing Of Our Lore’ (Out on October 12th 2018) imagines a futuristic world in which humanity’s grip on the world seats of power has faltered, allowing the uprising of machines and complex A.I’s to play out with near-perfect choreography. 

Now enslaved, endangered and utterly devoid of hope, the human race as we know it shivers delicately on a knife’s edge.

Mixing musical creativity with their love of technology, Shading have booted up The Terminal in anticipation of the 12th October release of ‘The Vanishing Of Our Lore’. The Terminal is a lo-fi, off-the-grid platform hidden from the ever-present threat of AI security programs monitoring the expansive realms of cyberspace…. and Shading’s sole means of secure, long-distance communication with their fanbase.

In order to join Shading in their cause against the machines, you must pass The Terminal’s screening process. By passing a series of simple questions, your humanity will be tested and your intentions revealed. Only upon selecting the correct, humane responses will you receive an important update from the band on their latest release.

Failure, however, must always come with a price.

The simple, text-based mini-adventure presented in The Terminal not only pays homage to sci-fi cult classics such as Tron, The Matrix and essentially every text-based adventure game of the 1980’s, but also serves as a testament of Shading’s own passion for all things science fiction and cyber-punk. The band explain…

“The reason we’ve opened access to The Terminal is to let our followers get deep into our world, our vision. We want this to be an experience, not just an album. Also, we want people to understand our message, that’s why the Terminal asks these questions. Choose the right answers and maybe…just maybe…the Terminal will let you pass.”