There hasn’t really been a band as versatile, interesting and gripping as Hellions come out of Australia, whether it be in recent years or in the distant past. Taking a slight page from Bring Me the Horizon’s book of genre changes, they’ve gone through Hardcore, Melodic Hardcore, to what could be classified as Rock now. With each passing record, they continuously to manage to show that their success wasn’t just a complete fluke, but rather an incredibly intense amount of hard work, intricate musicianship and passion for their art. With their hard work, musicianship and passion, comes the eccentric, beautiful and eye opening release, Rue, and believe me, you will want to hear this.

After the absolute masterpiece that was Opera Oblivia, many doubted how they could possibly improve from there, while many also believe that Hellions have officially found their sound, and rather than pushing to be a genre-melting band, the band HAVE found their sound, and it is beautiful, fruitful and artistry at its finest.

As with every band, the first single that’s to be released has to be the song that leads the album. In this case, Hellions chose the track “X (mwah)” and it is such a breath of fresh air, especially for the Rock scene. Filled with groovy oriented riffs, enthralling melodies and gorgeous lyricism, it is the best way the band could have presented Rue. The music performed by instrumentalists Anthony Caruso, Matt Gravolin and Josh Campaio perfectly complements Dre Faivre’s energy, deliverance and talent, in turn creating an interesting and captivating mix.

If you think “X (mwah)” was a good track to present the album in the beginning, the album opener “Odyssey” is one of the most perfect openers I’ve ever been graced with. With the entire album taking a very “circusy” theme and overall sound, “Odyssey” is a track filled with groove and spellbinding melodies that is going to implant itself into your brain permanently. This track has the most extravagant guitar work by Gravolin and Campaio on the album, allowing for interesting harmonies and an overall unique sound, whilst still somewhat reminiscing a My Chemical Romance influence.

What struck me straight away on my first run through of Hellion’s upcoming record Rue, was that they did a sequel to “Lotus Eater” from Opera Oblivia, titled “Lotus”, and it is easily my most loved track from an otherwise flawless record. Very subtly throwing in the melody for “Lotus Eater” into the track, and repeating the lyrics “Raise your glass to the Lotus Eater, as he drifts into the ether”, and the performance from all members is outstanding. Faivre seems to take a much more interesting approach to his performance, throwing in a bit of rap, (slightly) reminding me of the intensity of rapping performed by Tech N9ne, as well as performing some of the most gorgeous melodies I’ve heard in the recent future.

The musicianship and songwriting ability from Campaio, Gravolin and Caruso really stand out throughout the album, with an amazing range of beautiful, glamorous and bewitching performances. The use of an orchestral setting throughout the entire album, giving it that circus vibe, adds that impeccable layer of depth and imagery that was needed to bring the album to completion, whilst also restraining themselves from overdoing it and finding that perfect balance.

Fruitful, bouncy and eccentric, Rue, the upcoming studio release by Australian heavyweights, Hellions continuously outdo themselves with every passing record, this one not being an exception. After following the New South Wales based four piece since their inception, they’ve continuously managed to impress me with their gorgeous development of songwriting and musicianship, and I can definitely say that Rue is their most astounding work to date. If you’re a metalhead and you’ve wanted to feel a rush of happiness and an urge to truly dance, or if you’re just a normal fan of music, regardless on whether or not it’s heavy, Hellions have the perfect album for you, and it’s titled Rue.

Pre-order your copy of ‘Rue’, out October 19th via UNFD, HERE!