Last Friday WALKING DEAD ON BROADWAY released their new album “Dead Era” via Long Branch Records. Today marks the release of the short film to the album, consisting of the 3 music videos, “Hostage To The Empire”, “Gospel Of The Kingdom” and “Song Of Courage”, including new sequences and transitions between the tracks. Watch it HERE.

All 3 songs were the singles of the new album “Dead Era”, which is available as limited exclusive 2-LP-Boxset, CD Digipack, Download and Stream!  Order it HERE.

The Broadway is known as the heart of the American theatre industry and is often used synonym for superior and critical entertainment. WALKING DEAD ON BROADWAYpursue the idea of fierce and unbiased art. Brought to life in late 2009, the quintet focuses on vast deathcore-sounds and disenchanted lyrics.

1. Dead Era
2. Red Alert
3. Hostage To The Empire
4. Our Labour, Our Idol, Our Pride
5. Punish The Poor
6. Gospel Of The Kingdom
7. Song Of Courage
8. The Fire Never Lies
9. Anti-Partisan
10. Standstill
11. Dead End Utopia
12. Your God Is A Tyrant
13. Benevolent Warfare