From the mind of Germany’s Black Metal genius Andras comes ‘Thrypsis,’ the newest full-length record of Infestus.

Infestus - Thrypsis

Thrashing Blackened rhythms intermingle with saccharine leads and solos as moody piano dirges, vitriolic screams and crushing Death Metal motifs intersperse the symphony found in a man’s last desperate breath. Vicious and absurdist, ‘Thrypsis’ is a one of a kind album that refuses to be easily defined!

It comes packed with seven killer tracks:

01. Of Unhallowed Soil
02. Thron aus Trümmern
03. Seed of Agony
04. Nights
05. Psychonecrosis
06. Pulse of Annihilation
07. Separatist

Thrypsis is out now on cd and digital (via BandcampSpotifyiTunesDeezer etc.) while both the special vinyl edition and vinyl will come later this month (date to be confirmed).

The demon Infestus rose from the ashes of the formation Dunkelfront in 2003. Thereafter, Infestus developed into something more than just a musical appearance in this world. It turned into an entity which totally embodies their anti-social, mind- and life- devastating disease with more efficiency and devotion than ever before. Andras took over the whole instrumentation, whereas Dagon concentrated on the vocals. In 2008, they created the concept album ‘Chroniken des Ablebens,’ which was released by Debemur Morti Productions and received excellent reviews. But this was not enough. After intonating the moment of dying and expanding these few seconds to the length of an album, Andras was driven by the idea of using his very personal experiences, having emerged from these abysmal depths. He was determined to finally gain catharsis by creating ‘E x | I s t.’ However, Dagon slowly detached from the musical side of the entity Infestus, which then in the summer of 2010 forced them to determine that Andras had to go on alone by taking over the vocals. ‘E x | I s t’ was finished in the summer of 2010 and is once again born into this world by Debemur Morti Productions. Infestus still dissociates from all political ideas, fraternities and other unnecessary coalitions. Infestus solely renders homage to everlasting darkness, the perfection of nocturnal forests and all types of mental depravities.