Attention all long waiting Dimmu Borgir fans! If you haven’t been paying attention to the calendar, it is just under a week before they make their way to Australia for their first ever headline tour. Being kind enough to take some time before the highly anticipated tour, guitarist and founding member Silenoz kicked off the interview by quipping, “It’s been a long time coming, right?” before letting out a chuckle. Silenoz then points out, “If it was up to us, it would have been over a lot sooner than this! However with the new album in the bag, now is the time to come over and do proper headline shows; especially when we feel so good about the new record. Plus when we came over for Soundwave, we had technical difficulties outside of our control at a couple of shows, which unfortunately put a downer on the experience.”

Talking about the monumental task ahead of creating a set-list, Silenoz explains, “Already from the get go, you know you won’t be able to please everybody and that’s why we stopped thinking that way a few years ago! Thankfully it is a luxury problem in a way; if you want to cover the whole career, you’ll need to perform for three hours or it will be difficult. Plus we’re not the three hour performance kind of band, as we’re doing extreme sport here,” before ending with yet another chuckle.

Talking further about the song selection process, Silenoz quips, “We obviously have individual songs that we would like to like to play, but when half the set-list is already decided it’s hard to fit them in! Mind you when we go through old songs that we prepare for playing live, it doesn’t take us long to get back into it; once you’re on stage, it all comes flooding back and the muscle memory is just there. That’s also how you know that art is timeless; we might make songs differently now to how we did 10-15 years ago, but it makes for a nice marker in your catalogue.”

Not only has 2018 brought about a long overdue headline tour of Australia, it is on the back of the band’s 25th anniversary and their tenth studio album “Eonian”, released earlier this year via Nuclear Blast. Talking about what keeps the flame alight after all these years, Silonez quickly responds with, “I think it’s just there and it always will be!”, before going into greater detail, “Of course you’ll go through periods where inspiration might not be on par, but that’s just how it is. After so many years and gaining the experiences we have, we know when to strike and we know when we have something great to build further on. There’s never been a shortage of coming up with new material; there’s more than enough in the riff bank for that! You always want to work with the flow and in the moment, so when we write an album we focus on that and make it the best way possible.

With the first ever Australian headline tour fast approaching, Silonez was kind enough to give a great insight into what fans should prepare themselves for:  “We’re hoping that fans will get a different opinion on songs they weren’t all that keen on; after all, we feel that it would be completely pointless to play concerts if we sounded the same live as we do on a record! We hope that we can bring a more intensive and aggressive energy in that live setting, as that’s how we feel whilst in the zone performing on stage. Lastly, both we as a band and the fans should expect the best version of the band! When we’ve performed this summer, I feel we are on top of our game when it comes to our performance; at the end of the day, you want to see the artist delivering the best performance they can. After all, that’s the opinion I have when I go see my favourite artists perform; I want to go home with a smile on my face and have received my money’s worth!”

Drawing the interview to a close, Silonez was quick to re-iterate: “We feel really prepared and it’s been a long time coming! We’re fully aware of our fans in Australia and whilst we wish it could have happened sooner, the timing with the new album is just right about now.”

Tickets to the tour are available here.