This week, Pirate Fest 2019 was officially revealed in South Africa through the edgy experience

platform The Kraken is Alive. Set to take place on the 7th of September 2019 at Marks Park in

Johannesburg, event creators – The Sicario Effect – promises this festival to be, “unlike anything South Africans have experienced before.”

The event will celebrate all things alcohol, pirates and rock n’ roll. It will feature one of the biggest pirate party rock band in the world right now (soon to be revealed), local supporting acts and celebrities and a wide selection of alcohol and entertainment throughout the day.

The event is rated 18+ and early registration is open until October the 23rd 2018, after which tickets will be opened to the public. To register, people can log onto and become members or, as SX Director Muhammad Zubi puts it, “Acolytes of the Kult of the Kraken and part of the fabric of this story and the exciting adventures to follow.”

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