Swedish black/death metal band Third Storm began in 1986 and was active until 1988. Other than founding member Heval Bozarslan, the lineup was completely different back then. Four 14-15 year-old crazy metalheads who worshipped extreme metal of that time and wanted to make their own noise in their home town Uppsala. They were only kids at the time, but they did a dozen shows and a couple of rehearsal demos before splitting up.


Years passed, each member went their own way and the band dwelled in obscurity till 2014 when the two original members, Heval and guitarist Jimmy Eriksson awakened this beast once again. Two new members joined, David Eriksson (guitar) and Daniel Ekeroth (bass), and session drummer Johan Ericson helped the band to record their EP “Taritiya Me” which saw the light of day in the fall of 2015 on Dark Descent Records.


This line-up showed a new face of Third Storm. While the spirit of the ’80s was there, with experience behind them they became better musicians with better song-writing.  The band proved with “Taritiya Me” that they can be reckoned with and indeed that 26 minutes EP blew many doubtful minds away. Soon after the EP release, Eriksson left for various reasons so Hasse Hansson joined as the second guitarist. The band also found their full-time drummer Alvaro Svanerö.



Both Hansson’s song writing skills and lead wizardry combined with Alvaro’s breathtaking drumming raised the band to a new level of excellency as clearly shown on their debut full-length album “The Grand Manifestation” which is definitely one of the finest albums of this year. According to Bozarslan, this is how Third Storm was supposed to sound like 30 years ago. The album is a great display of the band’s song-writing skills, with dynamic and varied and songs with many different melodic passages and tempo changes without losing its point and catchiness.

Black/death/doom/thrash, all blended together, the variety throughout the album is well-crafted and there’s everything for everyone who love extreme metal here; brutality, heaviness, speed, melodies, chaos, doomy stuff, blast beats etc,  and everything is excellently done in its pure blackest form, and with a very raw but crispy wall of sound at the same time, and all the songs stand out and are actually very catchy. “The Grand Manifestation” is also a concept album and part one of a trilogy. An existential and philosophical journey with lots of metaphors and symbols that can only come out of Bozarslan’s imaginative mind.


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