After wowing their Australian fans last month, TesseracT have released a new video for the track “Juno” taken from their new studio album Sonder.
This stunning clip created by Dark Fable Media has been filmed in high definition 4K.

Watch it here!

TesseracT vocalist & lyricist, Dan Tomkins explains the importance of the track within Sonder, “Writing the lyrics for this album was a cathartic experience and I feel that “Juno” is probably the epitome of Sonder. We wanted to create a video that symbolised the realisation of the constraints that are placed on life. “Juno” is the embodiment of that feeling.” He continues “Having worked with Dark Fable Media multiple times, I have grown to love what they do and how they operate. TesseracT have wanted to work with them for a long time now, so this video was a real joy to work on.”

Amos Williams, TesseracT’s bassist, talks us through the filming process “Technically this was intense as we filmed everything at double speed to get a weird fantasy vibe that was still in time when replayed at normal speed. Of all the tracks we could have chosen to try this technique, Juno is not the easiest. But, we think the results show for themselves it was worth it! “

Sonder is available now