The release of Colour Machine’s most recent single ‘Laughing Last’ (released September 14) has set the tone for their new EP, ‘Strengthen My Hands’ out Friday, October 19 that they will be taking on tour at the end of November.

Listen to the EP below!

Colour Machine have saved some of their best tracks for the release of the EP. The title track, ‘Strengthen My Hands’ is a moderately paced track that is short, sharp and packed with attitude. Donato cries out with his huge range with all his passion and pain, before driving into the chorus.

In the band’s extensive style, Donato spits out a quickly delivered, rap-like second verse, before summing it up with an anthemic outro with the feature line “My eyes are playing tricks on me again, better put my glasses on, welcome to the new age”.

‘Fluorescence’ intentionally follows the already released single ‘Maverick’ which is about building anger and hate towards this fictional Maverick that Donato was envious of. Reflecting on these feelings ‘Fluorescence’ is about looking inwards after just condemning someone for all the things wrong with them. It’s about asking yourself, “Do you think you can be someone?”. As Donato states:

“If I obviously have such a gripe with this Maverick fella I should probably start looking at myself and finding where the problem is”.

This heavy-rock track has the band making clever use of the spring reverb on the electric guitar in the verses with the layered celestial tones from Donato. The suspense builds with the sparse verse before unleashing these explosive riffs with massive reverb alongside the busy work of Donato on the drums.

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