With the inaugural Good Things Festival fast approaching, vocalist of God’s Favourite Boyband, Awsten Knight, chatted with us about the festival, Australia, and Waterparks’ upcoming North American tour with support from I Don’t Know How But They Found Me.

When we started talking, Awsten was working on some music for other bands, including their upcoming tour mates, I Don’t Know How But They Found Me, for their upcoming CD release party and we talked about that four. “It’ll be fun, I’m excited to go on tour with them.”

Having started off 2018 in Australia supporting Arizona rockers The Maine, I first asked Awsten if he was looking forward to coming back to Australia. “I love Australia! Besides the States, Japen and Australia are my favourites.” Next I asked Awsten how they plan a festival setlist. “On Warped Tour, we see what songs people react really well to, and changed it up for like, the first three weeks.” He also went on to say “When you play a festival, a lot of people won’t have actually seen us before and if they enjoy themselves, that’s kind of the goal.” I also asked Awsten how that set list was planned and if it was just him, or if he and his bandmates, guitarist Geoff Wigington, and drummer Otto Wood did it together. “It’s usually kinda like what are we playing here. It’s like what if we play this? It’s a collaborative effort. Usually not too painful.”

Next, I asked Awsten if there was anyone on the Good Things line up that he was looking forward to seeing. “We toured the US, Japan and the U.K last year with All Time Low so I’m looking forward to seeing them again.” Pausing to think Awsten then said he was pumped to see Babymetal. “That’s crazy that they’re on there! I’m excited.” Waterparks also played Warped Tour with Palaye Royale. “They’re super nice, we talk to them a lot.” Awsten also went back to say “I want to see how close I can get to Babymetal. I want to be there friend.”

Next I asked Awsten if he was the type of person who tried to see other bands at festivals, or if he was more of a relax when I’m done sort of guy. “I do my best to see as many bands as I can at festivals but it’s a lot of press at festivals. You get to see some cool things.” For Awsten, these are some of the cool things,  “I saw a lot of bands at Reading & Leeds. I got to see Panic! And I got to see Fall Out Boy. I missed Bring Me The Horizon though and that sucks.”

We then talked about touring, and I asked Awsten what he liked so much about touring as Waterparks have been doing it non-stop recently. With a laugh Awsten answered “I don’t actually like touring that much. It’s seeing people that come out to the shows. Seeing how hard people actually go.” I then asked if he was looking forward to Australia as it’s flights from city to city, rather than flying. “Yeah that’s nice coz it’s like, that’s just an hour flight. When you spend 23 of 24 hours of your day on a bus, it just drags, I can’t stand it. That time just seems like it goes on forever.”

As Waterparks started their year in Australia and are ending it here too, I asked him if he felt like he was on an endless summer. “Yeah! “It’s one long forever.” I then asked Awsten if there was a certain place in Australia he was looking forward to coming back to. “I hope this doesn’t come across as boring but they were all so good! Everybody just seems very excited that music is happening there.” As Waterparks are constantly touring, I asked Awsten how he looked after his voice, especially as it’s been one, long summer for them. “I do a lot of warm-ups. There was barely any off time on Warped, once there was 20 days with no break! I really hate coconut but I started putting coconut oil in my tea which I HATED and that really helped my voice. Coconut oil lubes up your vocal chords.” “He then went on to say he looks after his voice with “a ton of sleep and making sure you’re eating right. That’s when I usually get sick on tour when I’m not doing that.” I also asked Awsten fi he made Geoff and Otto drink the horrible tea as well. “I mean misery loves company so sometimes I made them watch while I gagged” he laughed and then said “it wasn’t a solidarity thing though. They just sympathised with me.”

As there are only 3 shows for Good Things Festival, I asked Awsten if Waterparks had plans to do more shows while they were here. “I don’t even know what we’re allowed to talk about yet but we’re doing a little bit more than the festivals. Before we go I think we have a half day to go lay down or whatever.” I also asked Awsten where he would like to tour most. “I really want to go to Hawaii. It’s sort of the last place in the world where I’m like ‘I WANT to go there and we haven’t yet.”

Finally, I asked Awsten what was on the cards for Waterparks in 2019. “There’s a lot we’re doing next year. We’ve got things planned.” With a laugh, Awsten went on to say “I’m probably not supposed to talk about it. Let’s just say next year is looking a lot like this year.” Awsten then had this final message for the Australian fans. “I love Australia, everyone’s pretty and I can’t wait to see everyone’s faces!” so make sure you get out to see Waterparks in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney for Good Things Festival, and keep your eyes peeled for further announcements!

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