Johannesburg-based stoner fuzz rock trio Pollinator have released a western-themed video for their new single, ‘Missing the Past’.

Taken from their second full-length album Fruit, which released in September 2017, the video was filmed in one day by Gavin Pincus at Duikerveld Farm in Heidelberg.

Bassist and vocalist Louise Eksteen says “Missing the Past is a song that dives into the theme of nostalgia. The lyrics highlight the sentimentality of fond memories and how the present can pale in comparison.”

Drummer and vocalist Tim Edwards adds: “In typical Pollinator style, the song is over before you know it much like life itself. Gavin messed around with refractions and reflections to intensify certain parts of the video. And hammed them up hard.”

Established in 2015, Pollinator is a genre swapping three-piece explosion of harmonies, heavy guitars and pop sensibility.

Evert, Louise and Timothy have created two full-length albums, Honeyeaters and Fruit, that have gained the affection of a wide variety of music lovers.

Their most recent release, Fruit, is an epic 17-song journey through love, loss and growth received to critical acclaim by all who paid attention.

Fruit is available now on all digital platforms including Spotify Apple Music Google Play  Deezer