One thing that is great about music festivals is that they bring out artists that may not have appeared in your county before, as is the case with Canadian art-rock trio, Palaye Royale. Signed to Sumerian Records, Palaye Royale are a trio of brothers, now residing in the City of Sin, Las Vegas. Ahead of their first Australian appearance we chatted with vocalist Remington Leith, about Good Things Festival, Corey Taylor and hugging koalas!

First, I asked Remington if he and his bandmates, younger brother and drummer Emerson Barrett, and older brother and guitarist Sebastian Danzig were looking forward to coming to Australia for the first time. “We are so looking forward to it, I’ve always wanted to go to Australia, it’s definitely a Bucket List for me. Very excited.” I then asked if they were excited to be a part of the inaugural Good Things Festival. “Yeah, I’m really excited to see what’s going to happen.” Remington also went on to say “we’re so stoked. I’m excited to go and see Waterparks again, and one of my favourite bands Stone Sour. So excited to see them.” Who on the line-up are you looking forward to seeing was my next question and with a laugh Remington answered. “I have to do some more expecting of the list but I know there’s a few bands I’m really looking forward to seeing.” Next I asked what Australian fans con expect from a Palaye Royale live show. “Crazy fucking shit! Like no one’s ever seen before. So they should be excited.” As a festival tour can be a little gruelling, I asked Remington how he took care of his voice on tour. “Load myself up with some advil!” was his initial response before continuing “my voice has never gone out during a show which is kind of crazy. Maybe some whiskey!”

One of the bigger bands on the Good Things line-up is Stone Sour, who Palaye Royale have toured with before and I asked Remington about the tour and playing shows with them. “Yeah, we toured with them back in March, and they are some of the sweetest people I’ve met in my whole life.” The smile was evident in Remington’s voice when he added “Corey Taylor is probably the nicest human and no band member from any band has ever been that sweet to us before. He’s such a big supporter of our band.” Next I asked Remington how he and his bandmates decide on the setlist for their shows. “We choose it usually about 15 seconds before stage, we have no idea ourselves!” and he also added “everyone’s gonna be nice and pleasantly surprised.”

I then went on to ask Remington who he would say Palaye Royale’s biggest influences are. “Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, Nirvana, My Chem. We take a lot from all the groups, we get so inspired by. It’s a bit of a mixture of all of our tastes.” Whilst on Warped Tour this year, they were playing a cover of Teenagers by My Chemical Romance and I asked if that would possibly make it onto the Good Things setlist. “Yeah, actually we might be playing that, yeah.” I also asked Remington how he would describe Palaye Royale’s sound. “It’s a really difficult one for us. I’m not entirely sure how to answer it.” Pausing, Remington then went on to say “I’ve never really known how to describe this band. Just a lot of chaos.” I also asked if the band had any pre-show rituals. “Trying to make it to stage on time, that’s our only real ritual.” A fairly good ritual to try and achieve!

Palaye Royale have their own YouTube television series called Royal Television, which chronicles their life on tour. I asked Remington if it was hard to use to having a camera around all the time. “I’m always kind of uncomfortable around cameras which is funny, but we’ve warmed up so much with our good friend and director Louis, so we didn’t really notice it anymore. It’s a really small camera too.” The fans are called Soldiers Of The Royal Council and I asked Remington if that was a name He, Emerson and Sebastian came up with, or if it was the fans. “We came up with it because S R C which is our Mother’s initials.” How sweet is that!

The band’s latest album ‘Boom Boom Room Side B’ has also just recently been released, and I asked Remington if he had a favourite track on the album. “Dying In A Hot Tub which is about one of our friends.” So when I asked Remington why it was his favourite he answer with “It’s so meaningful to us.” I then asked if Remington could tell me the backstory to the song Hospital Beds which is one of the slower songs on the album. “It’s almost impossible to say goodbye to a loved one, it’s about accepting death.” It was very touching when Remington went on to say “It’s a bit of coping mechanism for us.”

We then talked more about Australia, and if there was anything the band we’re looking forward to doing while they’re here. “We love koalas! My friend told me about this thing at Sydney Zoo where you can have breakfast with a koala so I’ll be doing that.” Remington also said I’ve always wanted to see the Coral Reef so I think we’re all gonna do that!” I next asked if there were plans to come back to Australia in the future. “We’re definitely planning on a headlining Australian Tour!” He also went on to say this, when I asked him about the bands plans for 2019. “We got some pretty big things in the works right now, so we’re just gonna have to wait and see at this point.”

Finally, I asked Remington if there was anything he wanted the Australian Soldiers of the Royal Council to know. “We’re so excited and can’t wait to be over there!” I think we’re just as excited for Palaye to be here so don’t miss out on seeing them at Good Things Festival in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

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