This year is the twentieth anniversary of the existence of Lacuna Coil and they are celebrating with the release of their live album and DVD/Bluray “The 119 Show” which was filmed in O2 Forum in London. It is a dual disk comprising 27 songs ranging from the most recent album “Delerium” all the way back to their very first self titled EP including the tracks “My Wings”, “Our Truth”, “Swamped”, “Heaven’s a Lie”, “Blood, Tears, Dust”, “Hyperfast”, “Nothing Stands in Our Way” and an incredible rendition of Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence”.

Things get dirty from the get go as the band launches into “A Current Obsession” after the intro music sets the mood for the event, a ruckus one band festival of hard rocking tracks belting one after another, only cooling a little at the track “End of Time”. The performances exhibit a ton of feeling in each and every track, particularly on “One Cold Day”, a track dedicated to the late former guitarist of the band and original member, Claudio Leo.

Of note is the fantastic sound design! Each instrument blends together with the utmost of clarity yet has a clear amount of real estate in the mix. The bass of Marco Zelati is distinguishable throughout in a way where the tone is so well balanced, you can hear his playing technique in the mix itself. This is is a testament to both his playing and the mixing itself. Diego Cavallotti’s guitar tone and performance is immaculate, While he doesn’t really have a great deal of flashy tricks up his sleeve, he performs his rhythm duties with excellent precision that emphasises his choice in guitar tones. When he does play a solo, they fit in with the sound design of the band perfectly. The drums of Ryan Folden are tight and, although mostly understated, there is a large focus on the tones over flash which allows the recording to sound larger than life.

Where there is a LOT of flash is the dual vocals of Andrea Ferro and Christina Scabbia. Their interplay is tightly executed and both display great proficiency in their respective styles. Scabbia is near flawless in her vocal acrobatics and has a divine timbre throughout where Ferro’s clean singing and growls are impeccable. In fact the only fault in the performance I could pick up was from the crowd clapping and singing out of time during “Enjoy the Silence”.

I’m sometimes a little funny with using backing tracks live however in the case of The 119 show, they are used to ENHANCE the live performance, not as a crutch. The best example I could give is during guitar solos, there won’t be a rhythm guitar playing in the backing. In a few sections there is a little guitar padding but it’s used quite minimally. The synth work is the product of bassist Zelati so, I’m happy to overlook the pre-programmed synth work on a count that it, again, adds to the performance without carrying it.

In all, the 119 Show is not only an excellently performed, produced and captured performance, It stands representative of what the band has accomplished in its twenty years. What you end up hearing in this hour and a half of music is 0.00074% of the total time it took to not only write the tracks, but become experienced enough to pull off a show of this quality and magnitude.

It will give you goosebumps, it’ll make your blood rush. It’s an engrossing performance and I honestly cannot speak highly enough of it. I like Lacuna Coil sure, I have for a very long time. But this is the first album of theirs I’ve heard and just been overwhelmed with how good it is!

I guess you just can’t beat live music.


  1. A Current Obsession
  2. 1.19
  3. My Wings
  4. End Of Time
  5. Blood, Tears, Dust
  6. Swamped
  7. The Army Inside
  8. Veins Of Glass
  9. One Cold Day
  10. The House Of Shame
  11. When A Dead Man Walks
  12. Tight Rope
  13. Soul Into Hades
  14. Hyperfast
  15. I Like It
  16. Heaven’s A Lie
  17. Senzafine
  18. Closer
  19. Comalies
  20. Our Truth
  21. Falling
  22. Wide Awake
  23. I Forgive (But I Won’t Forget Your Name)
  24. Enjoy The Silence
  25. Nothing Stands In Our Way


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