Progressive Thrashers MADROST have reissued 2017’s The Essence of Time Matches No Flesh on vinyl LP format via Lost Wisdom Records. Remastered by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust) for maximum audio force, this “Die Hard Edition” LP is limited to 100 hand-numbered copies and includes the remastered CD version, “Making of” DVD, refrigerator magnet, and sticker.





On The Essence of Time Matches No FleshMADROST found its definitive sound, one that is much more dynamic and darker than previous album Into the Aquatic Sector. The  album picks up where Into the Aquatic Sector left off and takes the sound to a whole new, previously unexplored level. Vocalist/guitarist Tanner Poppitt comments: “I wanted a broader scope to work with and have the listener think about what they are listening to.” Last but certainly not least, Tony Koehl’s (The Black Dahlia Murder, Putrid Pile, Malignancy, etc) cover art also represents a huge step forward for the band, as his artistic interpretations tie everything together into a cohesive whole.


Order the vinyl HERE; Listen to the remastered version of “From Sand to Dust” HERE.


Track Listing

1. Eyes of the Deceit

2. The Silence in Ruins

3. From Sand to Dust

4. Abstractions

5. No Future

6. Scorned

7. Dimensions



Check out MADROST at their Bandcamp HERE, or their Facebook HERE.




Tanner Poppitt – Vocals/Guitar

Richard Orellana – Bass

Mark Rivas – Drums

Necro Nick – Guitar



“The Essence of Time Matches No Flesh is a powerful slab of metal and may just be contender for album of the year.”

 – The Metal Wanderlust

“Madrost is a triumphant metal band. This is ass-kicking good.”

 – Soulgrinder Zine

“A unique, compelling death/thrash album!”

 – Skull Fracturing Metal

“Madrost will explode all over the metal scene with new album The Essence of Time Matches No Flesh.”

– Bloodrock Media

“Grotesque groove-laden pace changes and catatonic thrash reminiscent of Morbid Saint or Dark Angel.”

 – Metal Brothers