This is the first Australia has heard from Reside since releasing their debut EP ‘Closing Doors’ last year, featuring lead single Home which earned the band tonnes of support from triple j and community radio.

The new single is a moment of vulnerability for lead singer Liam Guinane, a natural outlet to purge his mind of the frustrating feelings of anxiety that he’s faced in the twelve months since ‘Closing Doors’.

“In This Moment is a song that came together very quickly. It had this honesty and weight that I hadn’t felt in the same way with other songs we’d written. It’s about times when you have to force yourself to adjust to change or adapt and it feels like a rabbit hole,” said Liam.

“Like if you go with that change, that you have to almost commit to it and that there is no going back from it.”

The lyrics from In This Moment reflect the gut wrenching feeling of being forgotten by the people who make the decision to step away from your life.

“It’s about the fear of where that path may lead you and the discomfort of not knowing. I particularly resonate with the lyrics ‘I turn to stone’ as if I am able to be a relic to people who consider me as part of their past. I’m not something that is alive to them anymore,” said Liam.

“These are feelings I became very familiar with over the past year. Lots of major change hit me and I learned some harsh lessons about myself and my life.”

Ultimately, In This Moment is about facing up to your fears and taking responsibility to move passed them in any way you can.

“I often get crushed by the thoughts of what could have been if you did this differently, but then you kind of just learn over time to accept it whether or not you believe it to be for a great reason,” said Liam.

Stream the single here!