I Don’t Know How But They Found Me, a line synonymous with the Back To The Future franchise, but also the name of the rock duo.The two-piece recently signed to Fearless Records and their debut EP ‘1981 Extended Play’ is out this Friday, Before they headed out to Florida to tour with Waterparks, we chatted with the man behind it all, Dallon.

Firstly, I asked Dallon how he and bandmate, drummer Ryan Seaman met, as they both come from bands in very different genres to the other. “That guys been in pretty much every band by now I think huh?” We shared our first laugh of many here before Dallon went on to say. “We used to be in a band together called The Brobecks about 10 years ago. He played drums for me for a little bit in that band. When I was making some songs happen for this new project I brought him in to play drums and it seemed like a good idea to start playing together again.” If you haven’t heard of The Brobecks before, they’re worth having a listen to, especially if you are a fan of good old classic rock.

Next I turned the questions to the writing process and asked who did the majority of the writing for IDKHow. “I’ve been writing by myself a lot for a while now, and I was in the middle of writing this EP and the collection of ideas that I’ve had for a while I brought him in the play drums.” Dallon also said “That might divulge in the future because Ryan’s a great writer and he’s got a lot of great ideas but for the moment it’s just been me.” The EP ‘1981 Extended Play’, drops this Friday via Fearless Records and I asked if Dallon had a favourite of the tracks on it. “Probably ‘Social Climb’, it means a lot to me it’s a very personal song about my experiences in LA and the entertainment business that exists out there. “Maybe not the business as a whole, but some of the more toxic aspects of LA culture, or Hollywood Culture I should say, and being amongst it and observing it all.”

The 5 tracks on the EP are extremely different, and I asked Dallon if they reflected his influences. “I think everything I do is one way or another a sum of my influences, some put more of a foot forward and take a step back on others.” In terms of who his influences are musically, Dallon answered. “I would say Elvis Costello And The Attractions, Sparks is a big one for me, The Cure, David Bowie. For what I’ve been doing as of late those have probably been the biggest influences.”

The first track released by IDKHow was ‘Modern Day Cain’ and I asked why that was. “It just made sense the most for the first music video. We wanted to set up this world for a band that existed 30 something years ago but never had a chance.” Check out the video if you haven’t, it’s an absolute trip! “For that initial music video for being a local cable access talent show in the early 80s that song sort of made the most sense. It’s not necessarily our best or my favourite song, I mean I love it but I don’t think it’s our strongest one.”

I then asked Dallon how hard it was keeping the project a secret for as long as he and Ryan did. “It was very easy at first because we just started on our own for ourselves, you know to see if the music that we were making could gain attention on its own without people knowing what bands we were from or anything like that. We just wanted to go out and have a good time.” Dallon also went on to say “People started to pay attention to what we were doing, and word got out. We would at first we deny it but that became more difficult as pictures started popping up but it became really fun at first to be like ‘no that’s not us, I don’t not what you’re talking about’.”

I also asked Dallon about making the EP as it seems as it’s been a very DIY project. “Up until fairly recently it was all done DIY yeah and we had this plan on how we were going to introduce into to people but they caught on quite quickly. It was like a wildfire and we found ourselves trying to keep up with the fans. That’s a good problem to have though, so no complaints here.”

I next asked Dallon what fans can expect from a live performance from IDKHow. “Hopefully never the same exact show twice, even if we play the same set twice. We want to keep it different. If you do see us 2 nights in a row, you’re not going to get the same show. Hopefully we can have them expect the unexpected.” Another laugh before Dallon continued, “Not to be cliched but that’s what it is.” I asked about the upcoming Waterparks tour and Dallon’s feelings about it “We’re about to head out on tour with them yeah, I’m leaving tomorrow for Florida, I think that’s where the first date is.” He also said “I’m really excited, Waterparks is a really great band and I’ve heard nothing but nice things about them.”

In terms of the setlist for the tour, I asked Dallon how many songs off the EP they were planning to play. “What we have so far for the first week of the tour, but once the EP comes out we’ll hopefully play them all. As well as some other things we may have in the chamber that we maybe haven’t released, even some old Brobecks songs. We like to reach back in the vault every now and then, just for fun.” I then asked Dallon what he hoped fans would take away from the EP. “I hope if nothing else it opens up a door to music and influences that they didn’t know before. That was one of my favourite things growing up was learning about other artists and their influences.” He also went on to say “I’ve been in love for Phantom Planet forever and that’s how I learnt about Elvis Costello.”

Finally, I asked Dallon if there were any plans for an Australian tour and I think you’ll be pleased as he answered “I would love it, Australia’s a beautiful place the sooner we get out there the better.” So keep your eyes peeled for that folks!

Pre-Order your copy of IDKHow’s debut EP ‘1981 Extended Play’, out November 9th via Fearless Records HERE!