I Don’t Know How But They Found Me, the project masterminded by bassist Dallon Weekes, who then recruited long-time friend and drummer, Ryan Seaman. Thought to have started back in the 80’s and then lost until they were found in 2018, IDKHow bring you ‘1981 Extended Play’, a 5-track EP that is a rollercoaster of genres. It’s a nostalgic trip back to the 80’s that will leave you wanting more.

The EP starts with a 30-second introduction like an audiobook would have and invites you into the world in which ‘1981 Extended Release’ is set in before launching into the first track, Choke. There are definite influences from The Cure on Choke and it would fit perfectly into any 80s playlist and you really feel as if you’ve been transported back in time. It’s not by any means a simple track, but it is really stripped back and shows that you don’t need bells and whistles to make a great song.

Track two is Social Climb and it’s a total 180 from Choke in terms of the pacing and is much slower. There’s a big band feel during the chorus and Weekes and Seaman are joined on drums and bass with trumpets, among other things. Dallon shows off his rather impressive vocal range on this track as well. It has the feel of being a commentary on society and how some people use it as a way to climb up the social status ladder, hence it’s title Social Climb.

Track three and track four, Bleed Magic and Absinthe respectively are different again. Bleed Magic is short, sweet and super upbeat. There’s a lot of synth on this track, as well as the staple of drums and bass. The outro to the track sounds like it’s been done on either a xylophone or a synth keyboard and is a nice little interlude between tracks. Absinthe is different again and is the most ‘aggressive’ track on the EP in terms of lyrical content and vocal delivery. It’s a bit of a jazz, synth, rock infusion and gets you really into its groove and bridge. You also get a chance to really get up and dance through this one as well.

Finally we’re given Do It All The Time, which was the third track released. It’s a fun track both lyrically and musically with everything we’ve heard so far on the EP all joined together. There’s drums, bass, and a myriad of sound effects throughout and it’s just a refreshingly different kind of track. Overall, the EP is a fun, eclectic mix of genres and styles and it’s really going to change the music scene. Weekes and Seaman bring years of experience and exposure in the music industry into the EP, and you can hear the influences of a lot of other bands throughout the 5 tracks, as well as Dallon’s own musical influences. It’s got everything that you could want from an EP and it leaves you hungry and wanting more. I look forward to what comes next as they have nowhere left to go but up!

Get your copy of IDKHow’s debut EP ‘1981 Extended Play’, out now via Fearless Records/Caroline Australia HERE!