Occult sludge metallers SIXES are pleased to announce that they are now in the studio tracking their new record, Cokesucker which is the follow up to their recently released album Methistopheles. The album will be their first with new drummer Paul Vargas.

Guitarist/Vocalist Stephen Cummings commented  “We are enthusiastic about the music we are composing in the studio with Paul. He is bringing a new element to our style that wasn’t there before. This new album (Cokesucker) is forming into a concentrated onslaught of aggression, and misery.”

The band will play their first show with Vargas at The Space Bar in San Diego, with Fister and Ilsa, on 11/16. In addition, the band will be playing the Maryland Doom Fest next June.

More information will be available soon.

Listen to the band’s music on Bandcamp here: https://sixesdoom.bandcamp.com/releases