Spanish grind band ERNIA are now streaming their new song Heroes of Withdrawal via Invisible Oranges. The song is from their self-titled new album which will be released next week.

The site commented:
“Clocking in at three-and-a-half minutes, Heroes of Withdrawal is the album’s meatiest track by nearly a full minute. Ernia make the most of this additional time as they usher the listener through a full tasting menu of movements, each course arriving before the previous has barely been touched. The band are ever-insatiable, bounding from one passage to the next in the throes of their unbridled fury while taking pains throughout to craft sensible and mature transitions. This approach promulgates upwards to the album’s structure as a whole, each song flowing into the next with many blurred lines between.”

Listen to the new song HERE. 

Pre-Order the new album HERE.