Explore the rich lore that has been created through these stories and feel the magic of this imaginative new world, with its own characters, gods and creatures. Norwald, brings you Magical lands and magnificent warriors; Mythical creatures, life, and death, in the form of power metal songs.

To acquaint the world of Norwald, they have released their first two singles, Creatures and Arden. Creatures regales listeners with the tale of Prince Thostar who is on a quest for the throne. It’s a fast and simple song to introduce both the band and world of Norwald.

Arden is a bonus tale, not directly related to the rest of the story told on the upcoming concept album. It is fun and dancey, but with a cold vibe.

With influences such as Nightwish, Rhapsody and Epica, Norwald is just as enchanting as the tale it tells. As to what their debut album brings, composer Grief explains her purpose:

“The album is, as a whole, an epic tale that goes through a lot of phases, to finish in an epic song that Norwald people would sing in their taverns. To end the whole thing and to make people want to listen to more of our stories, we play Arden, which is a short tale not related to the tale told in the rest of the album.”

The release date for the debut album is yet to be announced.