Words By Remy Ray Kendall.

Dept. Of Gloom are an independent Australian/American rock band who are according to themselves, “…what you eat, and we ate a lot of nice/nasty things, we ate KISS, Alice Cooper, 70’s British glam rock, Sex Pistols, Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson”. They assure us that they sound nothing like any of these legendary acts, but sound a little like all of them, which I think is a very interesting way to describe yourself when discussing your influences and it certainly got me interested to hear what they had.

What they have is their new single I Dare You. It begins with the soft satisfying clean guitar riff playing through before we’re introduced to the vocals which I was very surprised and pleased to find some of the most unique and standout vocals I’ve heard in the Melbourne Indie scene. They’re smooth and wild like classic rock, full of attitude like late 90’s-early 00’s alternative rock, industrial and grunge and the band’s burning passion is something you can really feel in these vocals. The drums and guitars are both something you just want to groove and bang your head to, like the vocals they’ve got such a classic rock twist to it that it’s infectious and enjoyable. It’s got that same kind of charm that you would be able to find in any kind of classic rock one hit wonder, however I for one certainly hope that they aren’t just a one hit wonder because I’ve come to believe that this band could have a lot to offer the world of music and I’m holding out hope for an album soon.

One thing I can absolutely commend this band for is that they seem extremely passionate and really grounded and I think this reflects in their music, there are unfortunately a lot of bands that are influenced by the same kinds of classic rock/metal acts that are honestly nothing special and they carry on about how there are no good music out there and how they want to bring it back. This doesn’t seem to be the case with Dept of Gloom, here I see a genuinely passionate group of individuals who make genuinely good quality music, this is a band who I think should definitely be supported, a band that I’ll be pretty disappointed if they fall between the cracks. That’s a hell of an impression to make from one single alone, good job guys.

You can purchase/stream the single and follow the band HERE. 

Dept of Gloom