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Scott Kay’s (Statues/Voyager) cinematic post-rock solo project Absent Hearts releases brand new single ‘The Bird’, complete with guitar playthrough and gear breakdown.


Originally a solo venture from Scott Kay (Voyager/Statues) known as The K. Project, Absent Hearts soon evolved with the inclusion of Dan Tompkins (ex-Tesseract/Piano) to create a unique blend of post-rock and atmospheric music. Their last collaborative album, ‘August Earth’, was received warmly, and created anticipation for more music in the future.


Drawing back to Absent Hearts’ roots, Scott continues as a solo venture for the release of a brand new single titled ‘The Bird’. This new single is taken from the upcoming instrumental EP ‘The Peak’, due for release early next year and intended as a reflective journey into the positive moments in life, with all four tracks culminating into a memorable, and joyful experience.



Calling out to fellow gear junkies and guitar enthusiasts, Scott has released a guitar playthrough and brief gear breakdown of ‘The Bird’. Explaining the inspirations behind this new single further, Scott states:

“This is the first of four tracks from this new EP, and is an homage to both the first live show I ever played with Absent Hearts, and to the sensation of freedom and joy one feels when exploring the world outside. I wanted to showcase the guitar layering in a playthrough video, which creates a lot of the atmosphere you hear on the track.”


Scott uses a Maton JB-4 Fretless, Fender Telecaster and Ernie Ball Strings to create the bright, warm tones featured in ‘The Bird’, which gradually and euphorically swells with added layers of melodic phrasing, effects and chord progressions.


Scott will release more singles from the upcoming Absent Hearts EP ‘The Peak’ soon.

Absent Hearts will perform at The Aardvark, Fremantle on 20th December with Greeves, September Sun & King Kodo.

More information can be found here.


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