It’s shortly after Christmas, that trollish activities are at their highest, so prepare for some tiny people to deliver “Norwegian Fairytales” to you on January 18th, 2019.

Today, TROLLFEST presents the second album trailer of this upcoming record.

“We are super excited to release the first single and music video from our upcoming album ‘Norwegian Fairytales’.  We decided to release ‘Espen Bin Askeladden‘ first as it is a very catchy and groovy song that captures the overall feel of the album. The song is based upon one of the most famous persons in Norwegian folklore called Espen Askeladden. In some ways, he represents the small man who succeeds where all others fail. He always wins in the end, often winning the princess and half the kingdom. The character in our story, Espen bin Askeladden, is a small and proud troll, protecting the nature and mountains in Norway.”

Pre-order “Norwegian Fairytales” digitally and receive ‘Espen Bin Askeladden’ instantly or stream the song HERE!

“Norwegian Fairytales” tracklisting:

  1. Fjøsnissens Fjaseri
  2. Kjettaren mot strømmen
  3. Espen Bin Askeladden
  4. Trine Reinlender
  5. Fanden Flyr
  6. De tre Bukkene Berusa
  7. Småfolkets store bragder
  8. Draugen
  9. Deildegasten
  10. Byttingenes Byttehandel
  11. Nøkken og Fossegrimen spiller opp til midnattstimen

With eight full-length releases since their inception in 2004, the trollish powerhouse has constantly kept their fans busy with new music and unrivalled live shows, but this time the lyrics on beer orgies performed in their unique “Trollspråk” have made room to the more ambitious topics and legends that the band wisely chose from their ancestral books and performs in Norwegian language.

But fear not, little party goblins! With still tons of high quality entertainment, humour and unbound energy left, TROLLFEST keep their status as the craziest band in the folk metal forest!