Viral sensations OKILLY DOKILLY – the world’s only “Nedal” band – recently announced their “Reneducation” U.S. headline tour, and surprise surprise, there’s a new album to go along with it! OKILLY DOKILLY are exci-diddly-ited to announce that they’ve completed work on their second full-length album, entitled Howdilly Twodilly.

Check out the first single ‘Reneducation’ below.

“Reneducation” is also available for download now via iTunes and Bandcamp. The Howdilly Twodilly album will be available for pre-order soon via retailers such as iTunes and Bandcamp. Track listing will be announced soon. 

Head Ned says about the track: “We hope all our neighborinos out there are prepared for “Reneducation”. We’re more excited than Rod and Todd on a pixie stick bender to be releasing it. We hope it brings everyone a little closer to Ned.” 

Regarding the album itself, Head Ned says: “On making the album – us Neds locked ourselves in the studio like we were waiting for a comet to hit Springfield. We shut the purple drapes, tuned the guitars to drop-diddly, floored the Geo and made one brutalino set of tunes. Howdilly Twodilly will hopefully take us one step closer to our ultimate goal of total global Reneducation. We’ll have universal socially owned power tools and a much more even ratio of left-handers to right-handers at 100% to 0%. Making Howdilly Twodilly was a real treat for us Neds and we hope everyone will enjoy the required seven listens per day.”

OKILLY DOKILLY is currently billed as Head Ned (lead vocals, guitars, mandolin), Dread Ned (drums), Shred Ned (guitar, vocals, triangle), Bed Ned (bass) and Zed Ned (synth,vocals).

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