Isotope, a band I’ve heard through the vine but not sat down and listened to properly. When Departed landed on my desk this week I was keen to sit down and have a listen. With the opening wall of feedback on the title track and some beautifully frantic drumming Isotope have my undivided attention. What follows is a nice blend of old school hardcore punk that punches you in the jaw and doesn’t give you enough time to get your breath back.

So far so good. I’m kicking myself for not checking these guys out earlier.

There’s something truly special about bands in this vein of hardcore. They channel the early days like Discharge and mix in a bit of at the gates and out comes this beautiful chaos that is Isotope.

If you’re curious, go straight to the track Godless Blade, turn it up and enjoy. If I close my eyes I can imagine a small room with a faithful contingent jumping over each other clawing for the microphone. Let’s hope they make it down under because it would be excellent. 

1.Departed 02:46
2.M.A.N.I.C. 02:43
3.Dream Thief 01:57
4.Bloodied Dove Of Peace 04:39
5.Not So Distant 03:00
6.Godless Blade 03:09
7.Pleasure Convenient 02:11
8.Phoenix Ashes 02:55

You can check out Isotope on Bandcamp HERE