It’s been three years since Knocked Loose graced our ears with “Laugh Tracks”, a start to finish headbanger of an album that would make even the most placid person want to kick someone’s face in. After three years of touring the shit out of “Laugh Tracks”, the Kentucky five-piece surprised fans with “Mistakes Like Fractures”.

The three track EP literally came out of no-where, the only hint being the change of their Facebook display picture, not even moments before the EP dropping on streaming platforms. I suppose by catching fans off guard and creating less suspense around the EP, it meant we didn’t have time to develop high expectations and enjoyed this delicious three track surprise without complaint.

Named after the EP, the first song “Mistakes Like Fractures” opens with drums and leads into Knocked Loose’s signature riffs and pinch harmonics. “Mistakes Like Fractures” seamlessly flows from groovy beatdown riffs to crashing china to gut-wrenching breakdowns seasoned with zesty lyrics, which are necessary ingredients to any Knocked Loose track.

Needless to say, fans were stoked on “Mistakes Like Fractures”, with many quoting the banger line ‘I followed the rabbit, and I found my f*cking ending’ across KL’s social media. The hauntingly destructive ending is something that brought a smile to my face and punching my first in the air, and will probably light up your life too provided you like heavy breakdowns, copious amounts china, spicy guitars and something to bang your head to.

“Slings and Arrows” starts with three strikes on china and then Bryan Garris’s punchy, stressed vocals roll in. In all honestly, Garris’s vocals are what separates Knocked Loose from other hardcore bands – his vocals are distinctive and have a layer to them which makes Knocked Loose easy to spot in a sea of seemly similar riffs and beatdowns.

“Slings and Arrows” is a short, fast, heavy track, filled with delights that will satisfy even the most hungry hardcore fan. My favourite is the little beatdown and Garris’s blergh-squeal hybrid that is tossed into the mix before the final verse.

“Mistakes Like Fractures” also features old banger, “All My Friends”, which originally appeared on Knocked Loose’s first EP “Pop Culture” 5 years ago. The remastered version of “All My Friends” still holds all the relatable angst of the original with a tighter and cleaner sound that resonates with the rest of KL’s tracks on this EP. For myself, the most significant difference and improvement are Garris’s vocals – they are sharper and undoubtedly more defined than the original track.

Unfortunately, this version of “All My Friends” cuts out the epic 30-second breakdown of the original and I feel that I speak on behalf of all Knocked Loose fans when I say I’m devastated by this change, we can only hope they still play the bone-crushing breakdown live!!

Overall, the three track’s which make “Mistakes Like Fractures” were quality hardcore pieces which speak to Knocked Loose’s distinctive sound. If you’re into hardcore, breakdowns, beatdowns and music that makes you want to fly kick c**ts, then “Mistakes Like Fractures” is for you.

Grab your copy of Mistakes Like Fractures now here