2021 Chevrolet Spark is Ideal if you’re looking for a Daily Commuting Vehicle


When it comes to buy cars that will aid with daily commuting, there is no better option than the ones that would be practical and fuel efficient. Chevrolet Spark is ideal as it offers both these features along with several others than ensures it to be one of the best ones that are available in market. Hence, when in Cottonwood Chevrolet dealer store for your next car, checking out this vehicle is a must.

However, don’t go in there blindfolded! Have an insight of this car beforehand by going through details below.

What makes 2021 Chevrolet Spark an ideal option?

Due to various aspects and features of this vehicle, it is considered to be one of the ultimate options when it comes to using it regularly. A few of the things include its engine capability, mileage provided, low cost, and more. Take a look for yourself!

  • Engine equipped

The engine provided is not the most powerful one in the market, but is excellent for getting the job done on a daily basis. It is fitted with a four-cylinder option that is paired with 5-speed automatic or manual along with FWD drivetrain. Most people select the automatic as it manages power remarkably as well as keep engine noise to minimum.

Many might feel that it is not the best available option for long road trips, but is the best when driving in a city, especially when completing errands like going to supermarkets, using it for going to work every day, and more.

Its handling is quite easy and maneuvering it through traffic due to its size and design makes driving it quite amazing. It offers stable motions and quick movement along with easy to maneuver ensures it to provide excellent ride quality. Moreover, it has great steering response as well as remarkable suspension that give one a smooth riding experience even on harsh roads.

  • Mileage offered

The four-cylinder engine and its small chassis offer a whopping mileage of 29 mpg when driving in city; however, the automatic has a better fuel economy by 1 and provides 30 mpg in cities. On highway, 2021 Spark offers 37 mpg if a person is driving the Activ variant while the rest offers 38 mpg. However, if you want to know about it in detail, then visit a Chevy dealer serving Cottonwood.

  • Reasonably costing trims

Chevrolet decided to offer just 4 different trims to people who are looking to buy 2021 Spark. It starts with LS that is priced as low as $14,395. The next in the lineup is 1LT priced $16,295; Activ and 2LT are priced at $17,395 and $17,795 respectively. You will have to go through every trim and decide which is ideally suited for your needs.

Above-mentioned options are the reasons as to why 2021 Chevrolet Spark is ideal for people looking to purchase a new car for daily commuting. All you need is to pick a model and take test rides just to get the feel.

So, choose a trim and start driving!

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