4 Cool Ways to Wear an Oversized T-Shirt


People’s dress has also changed a lot in changing times.  People have started wearing the same clothes in a new and attractive way. Everyone wears and designs clothes as per their convenience and choice. In changing fashion or in other words, we can say that by seeing the changes in progress, today a new cloth becomes a symbol of fashion.

At present, there are some clothes that can be worn comfortably by people of all categories, from all ages to every person, whether men or women and that clothes can be used during almost your whole day’s work.  Whether you are doing domestic work or your office. The sweatshirt is counted in clothes that everyone can wear comfortably and find themselves very fashionable and comfortable in the office. These types of clothes are mostly found in free size, free size is a size that almost every type of saddle person can wear regardless of the size of the small-medium. Not only men’s but nowadays womens oversized sweatshirt are also so in trend.

Many times, these clothes are oversized, but given the change in fashion, people also wear oversized sweatshirts in a better and fashionable style, which makes it look as if the sweatshirt was designed in the same way and anyone can not oversize sweatshirts. People give a completely new look to Oversize Dresses Many times that look is so liked by people that the look is considered as a trending look and everyone wants to dress in the same way.

Tuck in

Sweatshirts are loose as well as they are also big in length, in order to give them a good fitting, tuck your sweatshirt. Remember but not to tuck your shirt from the front and leave it from behind, this makes your sweatshirt to look attractive and fitted. Also, tuck in your sweatshirt when it is long if it is not then do not tuck it in. To give it a more cute look, you can also add a cap with it.

This way will also work for boys as their hoodies are normally larger in length and also in size. Choose colours of your hoodies wisely, and try to keep it casual, because oversized hoodies look good in casual. You can pair jeans or flared pants with these hoodies. And for footwear, you can try shoes or sneakers.

Crop sweatshirts

No doubt that cropped sweatshirts look just amazing, usually cropped sweatshirts are worn by girls because it looks cute and also it is fashionable on the other side. Crop sweatshirts are available only for girls and not for boys, when dressing up with the sweatshirt you can also wear a tank top or something from inside. On the other hand, you also have the option of not wearing anything from inside of the sweatshirt and let it look cool. If you are not getting any sweatshirt from the shop then you can buy it from an online dress Singapore site, where you will get every kind of autumn or winter wear.

To enhance this look wear a cropped jacket or simple jacket from out, also wear these loose jackets and sweatshirts on fitted jeans or pants. This will help your dress to come out and style more fashionably. For footwear try sports shoes or sandals. The good about a cropped sweatshirt is that you can wear it at parties or in small gatherings too.

Baggy look

If you are the person who loves to stay at home and tries casual wear then a baggy look is going to be perfect for you. In order to style this baggy look, wear your oversized sweatshirt, and then for bottom wear also, wear loose pants. If you are fat, or thin then this look will help you to hide your body structure. If you are living in a place or in a country with low temperature then you for your house stay it is going to be perfect and comfortable.

This look is super cozy, for extreme winters and also if you are the person who mostly stays at home then this baggy is going to be perfect for you. Also, this look has for tight ends nothing, which also proves that it is super comfy too.  This comfortable look is out of the race no matter if it is in trend or not you can always count on it. This look is perfect for boys and girls both, it doesn’t need any colour variation or anything, you can wear whatever you want to and wherever you want to.

Long dress with a Hoodie

The oversized hoodie is already very loose and larger in length but you can style it by wearing something larger in length. Yes, try wearing a shirt or something from inside the hoodie, pull the shirt from down, and also take out both the sleeves to give it a better look. For an inside look, you can also try a shirt, or ling shirt if you have a white shirt then it is perfect this will go on any colour of your hoodie.

Also, remember to wear something of contrasting colour inside of the hoodie, which will make it look more approaching. This look would be more appreciable on men more than on women. For bottom wear, you can try loose pants if you are staying at home, but if you want to give it a casual look for generally moving out then add jeans with it.


The oversized hoodie is one of the most common picks in winters, for both men and women. These hoodies are also very common in the market, because of their function like these are super comfy, cozy and above all these are best casual wear. For both casual and casual wear, your look will boom everywhere, and there is no restriction about the place.

In this article, I have explained about different ways by which you can style your oversized hoodie. I hope you liked this article.

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