4 Qualities to Look for in a Meeting Software


Every organisation needs a proper channel of communication and medium to share work and messages. In this pandemic, the use of conference call software or meeting software has increased multifold. Significant decisions of a company are now made on these conference video calls.

The eruption of work from home culture has increased the usage of these video conferencing software. Companies are coming up with unique features to make the communication experience better than their competitors. The work from the home situation will stay for a long time and increase the importance of this software.

Selecting a video conferencing solution or software is crucial for an organisation. It will be great to look for these qualities before establishing the main software for all the video/audio conferences between the management and employees or clients and customers.

The qualities one must lookout for a great meeting/conference software are:

  1. User Experience

The way one can use the software with ease is significant. It has to be simple to use and understand. The software will be handled by many people who will not be on the tech side, so the software has to be of minimal complexity.

One has to consider that the meeting will be attended by employees/staff from all sections of the company. Many of them may not be very tech-savvy; hence, the simplicity of the software is the priority.

Some essential features can be as follows:

  • One-click to join
  • HD audio and video
  • Screen sharing
  1. Third-Party Integration

Some conferencing solutions enable third-party integrations with the applications like Microsoft 365, Google, etc. Organisations already have subscriptions to these services, so integrating with these services shouldn’t be a problem.

The integration enables users to:

  • Launch/schedule meetings
  • Add notes
  • Import documents and presentations
  • Record videos
  • Send files to each other or group
  1. Reliability and Security

Security is the top concern among the qualities of this software. The crucial meeting will have information relating to the company’s future endeavours and business plan, which must be of utter secrecy.

Ensure the meeting software has an inbuilt layer of security that blocks any outsiders from stealing data. The software must be gone through phishing and hack tests. Also, the developers must be doing third-party audits regularly. A full-proof security layer inbuilt in the software will increase its reliability and boost users’ confidence.

  1. Availability in All Platforms

The software must be able to work on all the devices. Irrespective of the devices and operating systems the employees/management uses, the software must work on all those devices. This software must be available in IOS,macOS, Windows and Android platforms.

Many use software like Linux, Unix, Ubuntu, etc. Improving the seamless experience of the software is the best thing the developers can do.

The ease of usage and speed are the qualities that everyone loves in meeting software. The availability and usability of the software are essential for the success of the software.

These qualities are the primary requirements for the companies to select the software for all of their conferences and information sharing.

The management will prefer a platform that can do all the things mentioned above for their daily operations/meetings.

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