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4 things you need to check before you rent a property


There comes a time when you need to rent a condo, a duplex, an apartment, or a house. Depending on who your landlord is if you are not an attentive tenant you may fall into the trap of renting a property that is not in good condition. One of the benefits of being thorough when you view the property is it will help you avoid taking over damages caused by the previous tenant. Landlords such as Steven Taylor Los Angeles own an impressive portfolio of Los Angeles Real Estate. Their properties are occupied by different tenants, and there’s a great chance that they won’t know about all the damages. So as a tenant it’s your responsibility to check a property before signing a lease agreement. If you sign your lease agreement without picking it up such damages, you may be liable to pay at a later stage.

Here are five crucial things that should be on your checklist of the things you should check:

  1. Check if there’s an air-con

Not all buildings have aircon and for some that have, you’ll find that the aircon no longer works. Once you sign the lease agreement without ensuring that the aircon works you agree that it was in a working condition when you took over the property. To save yourself the trouble of arguing with your landlord about something you didn’t break, never make the mistake of rushing to sign on the dotted line.

  1. Check the floor

The next thing that you should check is the floor. If the apartment has a hardwood floor, for instance, check if it’s still in a good condition. If it’s worn out ask the landlord if he is planning on renovating it, and if so, when. If he gives you permission to renovate, ask him to add this to the lease agreement as well.

  1. Ask about the roof

While knowing if the roof is leaking or not would be nearly impossible on the first day when you come to view the place. Don’t be shy to broach this subject with your landlord. You may simply ask if the previous tenant has ever experienced any problems with the roof. If he says yes but it’s all now been fixed –  ask for evidence that confirms that the roof has been fixed

  1. Check the safety equipment

A landlord that worries about the safety of the tenant will always make sure that safety equipment is easily accessible. If there is no safety equipment make a mental note as something that you should raise before signing a lease agreement.

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