5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Medical Transcriptionists


Nowadays, medical transcription has become an essential task in the medical field. The practice became a requirement through the standardisation of medical records. It goes way back to the time when manual typewriters were still a common machine.

The line of medical transcription has become more popular today as it does not strictly require a physical presence in the workplace. More and more people are applying as medical transcriptionists as the demand for workers increases. Nevertheless, the digitalisation of everyday tasks has become more apparent, and the medical field is no exception.


You may have encountered first-hand Speech-to-text technology in some applications, such as Cortana or Siri, but since they are only Artificial Intelligence, errors in speech recognition may still be present. Some third-party transcriptionists employ the use of speech-to-text technology but still involve human intervention.

Manual transcription involves meticulous auditory skills and proofreading. Professional transcriptionists go over the audio file several times to make sure there are no errors. In addition to this, initial transcriptions must also go through the editors to correct errors if ever they are present.


Legitimate companies require extensive training from their employees, and most of the time, these companies require college-approved certificates from interested applicants. In contrast to other transcription services, medical transcriptionists are expected to transcribe medical terminologies. Specialised medical transcriptionists deliver the expected quality of final products on par with medical standards.

With proper training and substantial experience, medical transcriptionists work extremely fast. An average person can type 40 words per minute, while an average transcriptionist types double that. Veteran transcriptionists can even work on the spot while listening to the audio file. Legitimate transcription companies always fulfil projects on time with excellent accuracy.


The advancement of technology has been the benchmark of innovation of various medical services. With the increasing standards and higher expectations from potential clients, better facilities, staff, and services are called for by healthcare service organisations. Nowadays, most medical practitioners utilise medical transcriptionists to facilitate improved services to clients. This has become a standard in today’s practice, so hiring a medical transcriptionist will be a great addition to your organisation.


As with all medical staff, their payroll is a substantial component of the overhead cost of running medical services. In-house transcriptionists are more accessible and relatively more expensive than outsourced medical transcriptionists; that is why most practitioners outsource transcription services from third-party companies. If you want to cut expenses or if your medical service is starting, you can always commission a transcription company for your medical records.

Government requirements

The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care mandates quality health record systems from health service organisations while complying with standard security and privacy regulations. In compliance with this, health service organisations necessitate easily accessible and reliable medical data. Medical transcription greatly reduces the load of work from managing in-house data banks while adhering to government regulations.

General Considerations

It is already apparent that transcription is a difficult task, especially since the transcriptionist transcribes speech not spoken by them. It is generally good to record with clear and proper enunciation to avoid getting flagged as inaudible. Nonetheless, hiring a third-party company for medical transcription is a wise and inexpensive investment for your medical services.

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