5 Ways Effective Leaders Manage Stress


Leaders are responsible for the upbringing of their team members. They got to do a lot more than just completing their projects. Becoming a new leader is tough. The number of responsibilities keeps on increasing day by day. This can lead to a great amount of stress. There is no doubt that professional lives have become more and more challenging and complex. The increasing work pressure and non-stop lifestyle, generally emerge in utmost stress, burnout, and anxiety in employees which directly has an affect on their productivity and engagement.

According to a survey conducted by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in collaboration with National Public Radio and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a considerable share of working adults believe their current job affects their overall health, family life, social life, stress level, weight, eating habits, and sleeping habits.

However, one must keep himself calm and try to knock out all the negative thoughts. Leaders are supposed to be wise, resilient, and trustworthy. Whatsoever, the heavy workloads and the pressure of proper guidance can be stressful.

Following the tactics mentioned below, one can manage stress effectively.

Being organized:

While some love to be organized, some hate entirely the idea of it. They just feel it consumes a significant part of the day, which can be utilized for something better. To alleviate stress, it is vital to get it out somewhere. Organizing your stuff can be helpful. The fundamental benefit of being tidy is that one can be comfortable presenting himself to his superiors.


Communication with the team is an important task for the leader. With proper communication, one can ease out the tension of not completing the project on time. By sharing the thought process, a leader can make sure his teammates understand the urgency and get the work done within the timeframe. Apart from it, the leader must be available for the employees whenever they need him.


Effective communication is imperative, both in the office and in life. Leaders like Sam Mizrahi Toronto-based real estate developer and others make sure they are heard and understood, but they also know the importance of listening. Communication is a two-way street, and making the most of it will have your company zooming forward instead of pumping the breaks. Accomplishing a project like The One, Toronto’s iconic landmark situated at 1 Bloor West, requires great leadership skills, of which being committed is an important one.

Maintain Work-Life Balance:

Both the team members and the leader need to maintain a work-life balance to love what they are doing. A leader should understand that friends, family, and hobbies are as important as their job. One should not surpass the other.

Find your ‘Me’ Time:

Leaders have to go through a lot during the working hours. Some leaders even have to work hard on weekends. Doing Yoga, going for a walk, or hitting the gym can help the leader find his own time.


Growth and improvement are essential for any individual to meet the necessities of life. Without proper growth in the workplace, it can become difficult for an individual to find peace in his personal life. Therefore, a leader must look out to help others understand where they are going wrong. Assisting others can make dealing with stress easier.

Stress is a societal evil that none of us can avoid. However, one can always channel it and use it positively to bring the right passion to life.

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