5 Ways To Protect Your Shoes From Getting Damaged

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Few feelings compare to wearing new shoes; it is as exciting as it is scary. Once you wear them and step out, you know it can never be new again, but the new dilemma becomes how to keep them undamaged for a long time. Sometimes, it is not about the quality of the shoe but how well you maintain it. Shoes are sensitive, and using the right shoe waterproof spray is great, but there are other steps you need to take to protect your shoes. Below are five ways to protect your shoes from getting damaged.

Keep it away from water

Water is our friend, but an enemy to our shoes. It destroys shoes really fast, so you should keep the two apart. One way to protect against water to make use of a water repellant to shield your shoes from the water before going out with them. That way, the water slides right off, and your shoes last a bit longer. A water-repellant will diminish the harm water might cause on days when rain surprises.

Always Use the Ideal Protectant

There are several shoe waterproof sprays in the market, but they are all not the perfect protectant for your shoe. Look for one that fits your purposes and get it. A Nasiol product also works best for your shoes, especially when you have plans to wear them in a messy situation. Go for a shoe waterproof spray that glues to the surface for a long while.

Find a safe place for storage

Sometimes, it is not about protecting your shoes while you’re wearing them. Where you store them also plays a significant role in protecting your shoes. It is best to keep them away from sunlight, which can damage the color of the shoes. Also, avoid humid areas; they mess with your shoes’ shape. 

Find an airy place for your shoes like a shoe tree or a closet that’s dark and a bit cool but also leaves enough breathing space for your shoe.

Take Care of your Shoe Laces Separately

Your shoelaces require all the attention they can get, too; take them off before washing them because the chemicals in the care products for your shoes may destroy them. If you find that they are worn out, then ensure you replace them immediately so that they do not damage the shoe itself.

Constant Moisturizing is Key

While you don’t want your shoe to get wet, you should always take care of your shoes with good conditioners. Regular moisturizing helps them retain the shiny and smooth texture it comes with.

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