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6 Biggest Common Flooring Mistakes to Be Avoided by Homeowners


New flooring is always a great idea to renew the look of your home. However, carelessness during installation of new flooring can disrupt your entire dream of enhancing your home decor.

You can read below to avoid some of the scary flooring mistakes and avoid wasting money and undesirable flooring results.

  1. Unplanned flooring renovations

Most homeowners assume themselves about the maximum time required for installing and refinishing floor renovations. They end up using the floor for their regular activities before it has wholly settled. The subfloors, grout and other materials need some specified time for proper installation and strengthening of your flooring. This results in untimely cracks and loose tiles.

You can avoid unplanned flooring mistakes by planning on consultation of a professionally skilled flooring specialist. Flooring Domain in Queensland, Australia has an online directory of verified and trusted flooring companies and contractors across Australia. Their listing consists one of the best flooring store and flooring contractor in your locality to handle any kind of residential and commercial orders. You can get different companies to compare their quotations and existing clients’ online reviews.

  1. Choosing wrong cleaning products

It is very important to know the proper cleaning products suitable for your flooring type. A wrong selection can leave your flooring dull and damaged. Your flooring material can degrade and may need replacement sooner before its expiry date.

You can check the label of cleaning product for any harmful chemical content and consult your flooring contractor during floor renovation.

  1. Opting trendy designs over material quality

Ignoring the quality of your flooring material over design and texture can make you think for another flooring renovation plans. The latest flooring designs and textures are introduced every now and then.

It is better idea to choose a more durable flooring material than a trendy one.

You can improve your home decor, and you may choose to match your floorings and walls. It will give an eye-catching look to your interior design.

  1. Wrong installation of floating floors

You may install floating floors like laminate, vinyl and cork under cabinets. They can split and strip off your floor due to inadequate space for their expansion and contraction process during seasonal changes. You can avoid installing them under cabinets to increase their longevity.

  1. Buying cheap materials

You must not compromise on quality of flooring materials if you have no reflooring plans in near future. A cheaper flooring grout and other end products will have less durability and low-degrading quality.

You must avoid being distracted by ad gimmicks products that claim to be best quality. You can do your own online and offline research before buying flooring materials. You can log on to https://flooringdomain.com.au/users/flooring/flooring-supply/ to find reliable and trust-worthy flooring shop across Australia to shop for your affordable and premium flooring products. They have listed professionally skilled contractors with more than 10 years of experience on their directory.

  1. Choosing unskilled contractor or going for DIY

Flooring is an important part of your home decor and it needs to be done precisely by a professional. It requires huge investment of money and time. You may think of saving on hiring less skilled contractors or doing it yourself. It is a wrong decision that can give unwanted flooring results and disrupted interior designs.

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