7 Advantages of Competing in Poetry Contests


Any interested poet can establish himself as an authority expert in poetry. That will depend on their attitude and willingness to build their knowledge and skills in this field. Poetry is a highly competitive field with numerous creative persons. To succeed in this career, you must compete with other poets. Listed are advantages of participating in the competitions regularly.

Working with Deadlines 

Many poets work at their pleasure. They can take several days or weeks to complete a single poem. That will slow their progress in building an admirable career. Experts who join the poetry contests learn how to work within deadlines. In every competition, the poets must submit their work before the set deadlines. That enhances discipline, which is critical in creating an admirable poetry career.

The Prize 

Contest organizers have a prize for the winner. Without a valuable prize, nobody will be interested in participating in the contest. To get more entries and increase competitiveness, they ensure the grand prize is valuable and attractive. When competing in the contests, you will have an opportunity to win. All you need to do is create an impressive poem.

Enhances Creativity 

The contests will force your creative juices to flow because you will be limited by the topic or theme. A poetry expert that ignores the topic or theme will not win the contest. Their work will be disqualified on arrival. The limitation to a specific theme has caused many poets to unveil their hidden potentials, which is crucial in winning poetry competitions.

Professional Guidance 

When building any career, you will need the mentorship of established professionals. They can guide you towards success by using their knowledge and experiences. The contests allow poets to access professional guidance from the judges. The contest judges are reputable and experienced poets. Their feedback is valuable to a poet interested in developing their skills.


The greatest limitation to creativity is a lack of confidence. Many poets never display their uniqueness when writing poems. They play it safe with the intention of pleasing the audience and the judges. Maybe their creativity will produce the best poem. By putting pressure on the contestants, the poetry contests will build confidence in their uniqueness. That will make them better poets.


Winning Chances 

The poets have a higher probability of winning the contests if they follow the instructions. The judges will use the instructions to qualify and disqualify the submitted poems. Before submitting the work, ensure it follows every detailed instruction. That will give you a 90% chance of winning. Winning contests will give the contesting poets exposure and an added audience.


Every competition creates a platform for poets to be recognized for their work. Recognition will create a larger audience for the poet, which will open doors for publishing deals and steady revenue flow. That is the dream of every poet. However, to get recognition the poets must win poetry competitions. Apart from being a figure of authority in the industry, winning contests is a great accomplishment.




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