A Few Reasons Why Newton Will Help Your Sales Promotions


As businesses have been getting more competitive, the challenge for companies nowadays is to find what will make them stand out. Different marketing strategies are being implemented by companies for their various products, and a bigger emphasis is being put on sales promotions. Sales promotions create a significant influence on the purchasing decisions of customers as they are encouraged to either buy a product or request more information about it. To help with that, SOLUM offers electronic shelf labels that are powered by the all-new Newton system.

Electronic price labels not only save companies time from manually creating posters, but they also make the shopping experience much more convenient for customers. With SOLUM’s electronic shelf labels, companies can enhance their sales promotion executions. 

One of the most significant improvements of Newton is its screen resolution got upgraded by 20%, allowing for a clearer and crisper display. It can also support a location-based service as it shows the location of promotional products. It obtains retail analysis so companies can promote their products by moving them to the bestselling area. Newton also has a built-in NFC that lets customers link their mobile phones to the store’s online website and download digital coupons.

Newton comes with an interactive button that lets customers interact with the store more seamlessly and make the daily tasks of the staff more efficient, leading to enhanced follow-through of sales promotions. Lastly, Newton’s multifunctional button lets customers flip up to 7 pages and access more data about the store’s products.

These are some of the reasons why SOLUM’s electronic shelf labels powered by Newton can help boost your store’s sales promotions. If you are interested in learning more about this topic, check out this infographic made by SOLUM. Check out their warehouse shelf labels today by visiting their website at solumesl.com.

5 Reasons Why Newton is Your Key to Sales Promotions


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