An overview of in-home care for seniors in Phoenixville


As people get older, they often worry about losing their independence and asking for help. Seniors often don’t want to burden their family, but age eventually has its implications, and beyond basic medical care, additional help is always welcome. That’s where in-home care can be handy. Like the name suggests, it is about having an aide or caregiver at home. If you check for home health aide Phoenixville, you will find quite a few options. Should you consider hiring a home health aide for an older parent or grandparent? When is it time to seek in-home care? In this post, we are share an overview of such services in Philadelphia. 

What are types of in-home services?

There are varied ways in which you can use an in-home service for older people. The first option is companion services, which typically just includes offering companionship and supervision, besides light daily tasks. Personal care services are more intensive, including tasks like dressing, offering help with meals and medications, and assistance for grooming. Some in-home services may offer homemaker services, where the senior can help for day-to-day housekeeping and basic tasks like shopping. The final option is skilled nursing care, which is required for patients recovering from a disease or illness. 

How to hire the right in-home services?

  1. First things, consider the needs of the patient. Keep in mind that these needs and circumstances can vary for every patient. You need to make sure that you consult the senior and seek their opinion on what they want. 
  2. Check online for best in-home services in Philadelphia. Like we mentioned, there are many services that work extensively for a senior clientele, and they can offer care solutions that are customized. The care provided will have to eventually match the list of care needs. 
  3. Call for a consultation. You can call the concerned in-home service and ask the for a consultation, which doesn’t have to cost anything. Insist on a home meeting, if you want to know the reaction of the senior in need of care. 
  4. Ask the agency if they do background check of home health aides and other in-home caregivers working for them. You need to be sure that all security checks have been done before someone is hired. 
  5. Finally, do check the costs. Consider all expenses before you decide on using a in-home service. 

A good service can change the way your senior parents feel about in-home assistance. 

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