Another Downside of Bicycle Trailer for Kids

A bicycle trailer for kids can be the most useful accessories for cycling. The trailer offers a huge amount of carrying capacity as well as being a comfortable place for your kids while cycling. Take into note that the trailer is only recommended for babies whose neck is strong enough to hold their head upright. However, some bicycle trailers are specially designed for infants. 

Most trailers can be used for children from twelve to eighteen months and more. Nonetheless, you should also consider the restriction of weight in each trailer. Therefore, when your kid is heavy, then you will need further considerations like buying them their own bike. 

A Bicycle trailer for kids also offers some benefits for the biker too. Since there is no control or balance issue, you can enjoy cycling comfortably. Even, when your kids are getting bigger, you can transform the trailer into a functional cargo carrier. Besides, you can also transform it into a pushchair or a buggy.

Aside from its benefits, there are also some downsides found in a bicycle trailer for kids you should think about.

Raised travel time

When cycling with a bicycle trailer for kids, you should consider that it will be much different than driving a car. With the extra weights, you may not be able to ride as fast as you want. When you bike faster, you should think about the balance and your kids also. 

Harder handling

With the extra weight from your kids, it is surely will affect your bike’s maneuvers and steers. You should adapt the way you corner as well as increasing the stopping times. It doesn’t mean that the bicycle trailer for kids has an unpleasant effect on your cycling, but your kids’ safety must be considered.

Decreased sight

Kids in the trailer will have limited views due to the stretched out nature of the seated position. It is not a big issue when the weather is nice, but when it is cold or raining, it seems like they are inside an isolated boat.

Choosing a safe route

When you are cycling with your kids, their safety has to be the top consideration. Make sure to choose a safe route away from the hectic traffic situation. Avoid cycling in urban areas where many vehicles pass by.

Increased width and length

A bicycle trailer for kids will make your bike looks heavier, longer, and more difficult to maneuver. The additional pedals will also make pedaling become less pleasurable. However, a suitably lightweight trailer is the only solution to alleviate this problem. It may be not a big issue when riding in the park, but you have to take into account the extra width that will affect your cycling on the road or in a traffic area.

Before taking a stroll with your kids with a bicycle trailer for kids, the first thing you have to consider is the age of your children. Make sure their neck is strong enough to hold their own head upright. Children less than twelve months are actually not recommended to ride a bicycle trailer as they are still very little. 


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