“Promotion with Overdrive Magazine has been an incredible experience. Not only has it done wonders for the band, but its created some great relationships. Everything has been quick and easy and the quality is second to none.” – Alastair Drendel, The Avenue Project

“Overdrive magazine, in my opinion, is a publication that truly focuses on quality content. They really put effort into grasping the true essence of what a band is doing and promote it equally as hard. This ensures that all the articles that are shared are personalised, well articulated and hold merit. I would definitely read anything on my feed, having absolute faith that it will be worth the read.” – Chris Gebauer, Deadspace

We at Overdrive Music Magazine understand the costs involved with independent artists trying to promote their upcoming releases/shows. We know the prices can be immense! Too many independent artists these days are being swayed into spending HUNDREDS of Dollars every month on useless banner ads that provide very little return on interest…

This is where Overdrive Music Magazine steps in!

We offer more than just ad placement, we provide a fully-comprehensive promotion campaign across all of our platforms to ensure that your material is reached to as many people as possible!

Our Independent Artist Promotion Package includes:

  • A full-month of banner ads across Overdrive’s home page ($200 Value)
  • Weekly Social Media Posts on our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram platforms. ($50 Value)
  • A Comprehensive Review of your Album/EP ($50 Value)
  • A Published Online Interview with you and your band ($50 Value)
  • A Sponsored Feature Article about your band, to be boosted on all of our social media platforms. ($50 Value)
  • Up to three of your songs to be placed in our 24/7 rock and metal rotation on Overdrive Radio. ($100 Value)
  • Your gigs featured on our online gig guide ($50 Value)

Total Value: $550

OUR PRICE: $100 for the WHOLE MONTH!

We also have a bunch of extras – article advertising & radio interviews, available for purchase. If you are interested in purchasing an extra on top of your promotion package, please make sure you state it in your enquiry email.

Why Such A Low Price!?

Overdrive Music Magazine has never been about the money, which is why we offer our promotional services for such an absurdly low cost. 100% of all money made through our campaigns is given directly to our contributor team, who keep Overdrive going each and every day!

Invest In One Of Our Promotional Packages TODAY!

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