Author: Andrew Cook


Ye Olde Skool Death Metal, How hast thou been missed, yes and it’s Old Skool not Old School because that’s where you went to get a boring education, not an education in the art of Metal! Before us we have Spain’s very own Come Back From The Dead. I actually didn’t know they had died but anyway now they are back, from the dead as it where, the question remains (remains, ha-ha dead jokes are fun) as to whether or not they brought back enough mold and dirt and horrible stories with them. Never fear Old Skool fans as...

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Album Review: Jupiterian – Terraforming

You have lived a pleasant life, foraging on the ground of the jungle for many a year. Your offspring are growing stronger day by day. There is much food in abundance and all is well within your tiny little brain. Apart from the seasonal floods, there is little to fear. As long as you stick to your conventional habits within your habitat you are fine. One day you wander a little too far. Nothing wrong with that. Even the tiniest mind wanders from the path now and then, and yet all still seems well. You have found something that...

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Man, these guys have been around for awhile. Since the mid 80’s apparently. Yet again, because I had my head wrapped around other scenes, as you do when you are a young man, I have only been recently introduced to them by a good friend of mine who seems to have his finger on a few different pulses. This friend (who we shall refer to only as RJ for the purposes of this review) had mentioned them a few times, and my reaction was pretty much, meh, Propagandhi sounds like someone holding up an old Indian Wise Man. Screw...

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Album Review: Converge – The Dusk In Us

The mighty Converge appear before us once again, with what I can only describe as one hell of an exciting journey on this, their ninth foray into the world of studio albums. They have also released a few live albums and a slew of EP’s, but for the main part we will focus on the studio material, mainly being this one. Easy hey.   Having formed around 1990 in Massachusetts (America duh) as a four piece act, later to add a second guitarist around ‘94, only to consequently return to being a four piece again in 2001, Converge basically...

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